A Bug's Life

January 18th, 2020

This week has definitely been one for the history books, We have fixed a metric ton of bugs and potential exploits, We solved the mystery of the 40x rep boost! We got a brand new chat for you to speak your mind. Stay awhile and listen...

The Bug Exterminator is on the case! 


    We’ve got a ton of fixes to share with you, but before we do so i want to draw your attention to perhaps the most important thing that’s been added to the game this week. As seen in the picture below. In the paw menu under SlaveHack you will find a report issue button. From this point forward we will only be addressing issues that are submitted through this form. This keeps everything organized on our end and makes issues easier to track and manage. So if you do come across an issue, please submit it using this new form. After submission, you will be given a link where you can keep track of your submitted issue.

    Now, for the exciting part! Any legitimate bug/exploit that gets submitted through this claim form and gets a true resolution. Will earn the reporting player some of the new Strategy Boosts that will be added to the game in the coming weeks. So report those bugs! Help us keep slavehack bug and exploit free. We pay better then any exploit will, we can assure you! 

Fixed it!

    Since the addition of the report issues button we have resolved the following issues:

  • Fixed a bug that unintentionally awarded a 40x rep boost upon opening of a Network Defense earn from faction wars or any other source such as loot crates. 
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to de-select and re-select slaves during a DDoS process to reduce the DDoS timer to the minimum for the process.  
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to complete a process after the VPC they were connected too reset their IP.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused new code (like the chat for example) to not display.
  • Fixed a bug in ransomware that was disallowing Ransomware virus creation. 
  • Fixed a bug in antivirus which was allowing the process to complete in 5 seconds regardless of the quantity or size of the viruses it was removing.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the clan window from being pinned

Speak Your Mind

    Chat has been given a complete overhaul and the days of /w are dead. We now have a complete direct messaging system that allows you to add/remove players to your “buddy list” and have private conversations in peace. So now you can plot your vengeance for that last DDoS with your friends without worrying about chat failures


  • Bitcoin Now fluctuates twice an hour: Buy low and sell high! 
  • Few Graphical Updates to the finance tab to make values stand out. 

Operation: Dead Slave

We have decided to implement a system that removes some of the in-active slaves from users slave list this gets rid of some of those infinite mining machines on players who have not been active in several months. The specifications of the Operation: Dead Slave are as follows:

Players with a last action of 3 months ago or more now reset their IP Address 

  • There is a 30 percent chance that they will remove all Spyware/Trojans/Viruses.
  • There is a 20 percent chance that a particular player will NOT reset their IP on this particular purge cycle. 
  • If a players IP is reset on a particular purge cycle then they will be set to a random interval to reset again. 


  • A Secret RCE task has been added and is functional which removes your name from the bounty board. 
  • It is a MAX of 5 slaves which means you cannot add additional slaves to increase your odds of success.



  • We have removed the ability to bounty players using the “bounty” command. We found that it was being underutilized and caused too much of a divide. Thank you for your input while we experimented with new and exciting ideas! 

-The SlaveHack Team

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