Odysseus Has Got Nothing On Me!

December 18th, 2019

Trojans are back! RCE has gone live; Get your slaves out there! Bounties balance tweaks and much more to come...


We have made some balance changes to higher wanted levels as we found the permanent ip tracking at higher levels was too much of a con. This discouraged people from DDoSing as much as they might want too. With the implementation of this change as well as decay we feel like bounties are in a much more balanced position. 

  • IP tracking has been changed to scan the affected players IP once per day. This means that the IP listed on the bounty board at higher wanted levels might not always be accurate if a player is keen enough to keep resetting once they are scanned. 


We’re proud to announce that the Tier Files that are necessary to send your slaves out into the world were recently added as an award for those who qualified for prizes in the faction war. With those Tier Files you can get your slaves out there and earning for you! 

  • RCE Tier Files have been added to loot crates. The rarer the crate the higher the chance RCE Tier Files will be included.
  • The Slave window also shows XP gained through RCE by each slave. ( A special thanks to Sneak_E_One for their hard work on this, it looks fantastic!)

New Software

We’re excited to announce we have added some new software to the game which will add a new element of deception. Gone are the days where you could trust a software is what it says it is. We have also added a countermeasure to an old favorite defensive software.


Like any other virus Trojans have an installed and uninstalled form. 

We love exploration and experimentation and we know you all do too, so the specifics on the functionality are gonna be kept a secret for now. Get out there and experiment to see how they work for yourself! 

Network Bypass

The Network Bypass (network packet injector) combats the Intrusion Protection System mechanic that had been introduced to the game awhile ago. Having a Network Bypass will disable your targets Intrusion Protection System allowing you to skip the mini-game and clear your tracks faster!

  • We’re considering options of how these two will interact with each other similar to Firewall/Waterwall.
  • Should they be upgrade-able with C-Mods?
  • Have additional modules that could be built on for example an advanced persistent threat module for the Intrusion protection system?
  • Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on the player ideas tab on the SlaveHack help discord 

Infinite Possibilities 

A few days ago we hopped into game chat and brainstormed with you all about what features you all would like to see added! I just wanted to list some of those out because we had some fantastic innovative ideas and we couldn’t be more grateful to have such a great community surrounding our game! Here’s what we came up with:

New Viruses 

Zer0 Days

New viruses that could be built in segments with infinite possibilities. However, are only one time use. For these new viruses we we’re looking at format something like this:

Infection type>Payload>Payload2>Persistence. An example of this format might look like this: Trojan>Delete Firewall>Delete Waterwall>Lasts 1 hour 

So in this example if a player downloaded this Trojan it would continually delete their Firewall and Waterwall no matter how many times they restored it until the virus finally expired.

These viruses are going to be expensive to create and time consuming to “bake”. As such, these viruses will not be removable with anti-virus of any kind. As this is just in the idea stage there will be tweaks to this idea. Keep an eye out for Zer0 Days coming soon!

Clan Vaults

  • This will likely come a bit later, But having a shared NAS between the clan in order to make exchanging software easier between clan members. It was a fantastic idea!

We’re excited to keep releasing new content for you guys! Keep the ideas coming! 

Happy Hacking!

-The SlaveHack Team

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