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1 month ago
Software is a big thing in slavehack it is used to crack passwords keep pesky bugs out of your system and defend you from virues/malware but what is it in depth?

--Basic Software (Starter):

Firewall: Your biggest line of defense this is what keeps bugs out of your system if your firewall level is higher than your attackers Waterwall they cant attempt a password crack but lets say there Waterwall is higher than yours they can crack your password

Waterwall: Your offense this is what is used to even have access to attempt a password crack as said in the Firewall part if you have a Waterfall higher than your targets firewall you can crack there password but if there Firewall is higher than your Waterwall well no passwords for you.

Pulse Sensor: Honestly without this you couldn't play the game this is what cracks passwords so if a little bitch in your system deletes it well no password cracking to day but honestly the easiest way to get this back and the same with your Firewall and Waterwall just type Recovery or Recover I forgot which one but you get the idea this will restore all your basic software.

--Downloaded Software:

The Malware Creator: This is a fun one here you can make ddos software miners, spyware, and ransomware all of these are know as trojans there is a downside to this software if there AV is a higher level than your Trojan it will get automatically removed but if your Trojan is higher your good to go. (Found at

rDDoS: You could play the game without this but I recommend you don't then you wont be able to ddos players or do ddos missions and thats no fun anyway you don't do a lot with this software as it has one command ddos {Player Ip/NPC Ip}
to even use this software if I remember you need to have at least 5-10 slaves with ddos Trojans on them and they have to be installed so this one is time-consuming but useful. (Found at

Antivirus: This is what protects you from viruses/miners to use the AV run the av command in the terminal to even get rid of malicious software your av need to be higher or equal to the virus/miner or malicious software but if the value is lower your AV cant really do anything if you are in desperate need to get whatever is on your pc use the Format Harddrive command in the terminal but I recommend backing up all of your software on external especially upgraded software like your upgraded firewall etc. or if its downloaded software and you just dont want to reinstall it quick little tip if your av isn't high enough then before a format, you can ask a player you trust to run av on your VPC. Id also be happy to run a AV on your pc more or less new players but if your like P 5 I most likely couldn't get in your pc. (Found at

--Anyways That Ends My Software Overview Next Well Get Into Alien 👽 Software-- (I'm sorry this forum is really bad but I am really rusty etc. but you get the idea. And Thanks)

//Credits to HuntedCobra for Tips and dbx12 for a quick little lesson//
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dbx12    1 month ago Stickied!
I would rate that guide 5/10.
Two mistakes I spotted: All software created with the Malware creator is *not* called Trojan. The Trojan is something you can win from faction wars but cannot create with the MC.
Also the AV does not run on its own. You have to actively run it with av or your viruses will stay.
Aviator_    1 month ago
Yeah ngl I am a little rusty so ill edit but thanks
ManicMo    1 month ago
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