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2 months ago
I played this a long time ago, I just logged on with my saved login in browser which took me to the tutorial - which shows I wasn't able to do about any command in the consol (or I can but, the result is always my diskspace is 100%), I cannot remember much of this game or little less how I even remove all the files and start from scratch, neither it lets me join the beginner area in the tutorial as it tells me my account isn't considered beginner anymore.

Do I really have to use another mail and make new account or is there a way to just reset the account?
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Sambo1990    2 months ago
1. you can't have more than 1 account therefore you will have to use the current account you have.

2. use the format command to reset your hard drive so it will reset everything also

anytime you need help type help into terminal for a list of commands

i hope my comment helps you and look forward to seeing you ingame
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