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3 weeks ago
Hi All, Did anyone have guideline or explanation for all type of Software & Malware ? For state that what used was it. Please Share Here, Thank you So Much !!
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PR0PH3CY    2 weeks ago
Hello, Their is a help discord that may be able to help. But I can try to answer your question to the best of my abilities.

Malware Creator - This software is needed to create your personal viruses. Usage - make <type> <name> <level(optional)>
Leveling this software up will help you achieve making higher level viruses. - Use "Make -help" for more info

Waterwall -This is used to get passed a Firewall of equal or lower level then your Waterwall.

Firewall - This is used to help protect you from other players hacking into your VPC. If your Firewall is higher then your attackers Waterwall, then you are in the clear.

Antivirus - This is used to remove viruses off of a connected target/yourself . If the Antivirus is of equal or greater level then the virus then you can remove it.

rDDoS -This is required to start the launch process of a DDoS Attack.

Pulse Sensor - This is used to crack your targets password.
AnsonGods    2 weeks ago
Thank You so Much... Is it really helpful.
1) So, even i have upload a ddos and installed it at targets PC,
I still need a rDDoS to launch the DDoS Attack ?

2) Should I download others NPC/Player software ? or just upgrade self is good ?

3) How can i hack ppl Bank Acc/Bit Coin ?
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