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1 year ago
Hey slavehack Community so i'm new and just learning the game been reading the forums and everything but cant find where and how i can make a bank account for myself?
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XxIgnorant_WolfxX    1 year ago
Hi, I'm also new here. I think you already have a bank account. Just click on the menu and you'll see a Finances button. Click on it and you'll see how much money you have earned.
Hi_Guys    1 year ago
connect to a bank npc that you want to create the account on and type 'account new' you can have a max of 5 accounts if you create a account on all existing bank npcs
if you want to make a new account on a bank that you already have a account on then type 'account new' twice while connected to that bank which will delete the old account and make a new one
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