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2 months ago
I just started today because my coworker talked me into playing. I am not sure what happened, I tried to log into the game at my house and It says I was banned....

I did go back and read the rules.... I dont believe I broke a single one....

Can someone please look into this?

Thank you!

- Mike
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Hi_Guys    2 months ago Stickied!
Multis: 3 accounts

with the staff node: Not multi verified ~BurnZZ

I recommend you dm the admin MrBurnZZ in discord https://discord.gg/xkhhNjg6SZ
dbx12    1 month ago
That is valuable info, that multis are identified by IP address. I will never play with my coworker after office hours from the company network. (No worries, gaming after clocking out is allowed by the boss)
Rexy    2 months ago
I'm pretty sure if you are banned for multis, you can be unbanned by talking to BurnZZ though your data will be reseted though yeah I'm not sure.
winfinity    2 months ago
sorry no one replied here earlier; same IP most likely looks like you're creating many accounts.

hop on discord and get @MrBurnZZ attention and explain to him the situation. you may need to prove that you and your coworker are separate people.
Cyrddin    2 months ago
I also donated quite a bit trying to level up quickly *trying to catch up to my coworker ;P*
did that have anything to do with it?
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