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2 weeks ago
Hello, after I login I get a blank page. How can I fix it?
Thank you
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Hi_Guys    2 weeks ago Stickied!
do ctrl+shift+r you may have to do it multiple times but it has worked for me max I had to do it was like 5 times so just keep trying also pix was correct the reason why your seeing a blank page is because sh2 is detecting that you have a adblocker active and stops the site from loading this was added in not to long ago so hopefully it gets fixed soon
iiiduncaniii    2 weeks ago
No, that's not it, the page is blank, it's trying to load the theme (slavehack2.com/theme).
pix    2 weeks ago
If you have any type of adblocker disable it, that seems to be the problem with most people.
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