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6 months ago
Im confused on how to do the DDoS missons can someone help??

~Thank you~

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GoliathTheDoge    6 months ago
punisher_smith you are part of the only good people left on earth. Bruh thank you so much
Punisher_smith    6 months ago
At the top of your mission statement you will see Target : xxx.xx.xx.xx That is the person whom you want to DDoS.

Now there are two different types of DDoS missions. The first only has the target ip. For this you can use as many slaves as you want as long as you have a minimum of 5 slaves.

The second type has a bunch of ips. To complete this type, you must upload/install your DDoS' to those ips only.

NOTE: You can only attack a target 3 times unless otherwise advised by the success detail. The more damage you deal, the more the rewards.

Hope this helps

~Happy Hacking~
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