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2 weeks ago
Hey ya guys,
probably stupid for me to ask this. But i want to become a donator but sadly cant win the fight with my wife. She holds the cards and wont let me donate.....
That being said if one of ya all feel nice enough to get me the teddy package that would be awsome....i just want to golden teddy HAcking and Acid.....
If this is against rules then just take it down.
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BoogieMan    2 weeks ago
there is more to this story but lets just leave it at that and take this one down.
winfinity    2 weeks ago
sell some of your shit on OfferUp, hand her the cash and tell her what you'd like.

if she doesn't think that's reasonable, you guys probably need to have some sort of other discussion.
Hacking_The_hacker    2 weeks ago
okay please send your credit card and let me do the job
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