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6 months ago
Should we do faction wars more often or no?

Once a week?
Twice a week?
Once per month?
Twice per month?

Discuss down below. All comments welcome but stay on topic.
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winfinity    6 months ago
1) What percentage of active users do admins want having a trojan?
2) I think the question should be more like ... how many POINTS should be per war? .. then talk about frequency.

So.. my thoughts... no ridiculously sized FWs. With the lack of grinders, I can't believe wars of greater than 100k points should be made. I'd actually offer that the most exciting war would be .. 50k points, but with a MANY day round 2 -- at least 2.

This would require the timer display being fixed, b/c it's misleading during multi-day round 2s.

Also, White was OP before Jesse's change in March of '21 ... and then over-nerfed as a result of it.

Finally... new players have zero chance at winning a trojan b/c their access to player slaves vs. active or determined senior players. I don't have (nor plan to build) some type of balancing spreadsheet between tasks, time required (e.g. 100 point tasks :: white, 30s [used to be 5s], grey, 150s (crack), black 200s if boosted (10slave hit)).

I hope my thoughts here are viewed as on-topic, as I feel they are.

If more frequent, 50k-100k round 1 (I think the lower the better), and a 2-5day round 2.

Sidebar: the most exciting one I ever participated in was 10k b/c it was fast and furious round 2 as the points were swinging wildly back and forth.
Dj001    2 weeks ago
How I use this site
LethalLight29    2 weeks ago
i think small faction wars each week with the months overall scoring granting larger rewards. so once a month all four small wars scores are tallied for the monthly grand prize which would include top tier loot chest and software.
Meowbahh    2 months ago
twice a week monday and friday ?
winfinity    3 months ago
.. so was the winning answer once every 2.5 months?
TheRealMip    4 months ago
To be honest, it would be nice to have it start (once) every week while slightly nerfing the rewards so that players don't get overpowered things every week.
Guacamole    4 months ago
i say once a month during special occasians or holidays. also the rewards shoudl be customizable by admins (if it isn't alr) i feel like the rewards would mean nothing if everybody alr has it, thus losing the faction war excitment...
halogreenman    4 months ago
forever and just make the rewards really hard milestones
XxIgnorant_WolfxX    5 months ago
Once a week
ProvenDragon25    5 months ago
personally i say two times a month for people to get trojans and stuff once you win a trojan it wouldn't really matter if you got another one because of you already having one it only makes it where if you accidently delete your old trojan or want more than one then go right on ahead but out of all honesty I don't see no reason on why faction wars shouldn't be more frequent if anything it should be more frequent for people to grind
Cypher_Punk    6 months ago
Twice per month or maybe even weekly sounds fun. Once a week would probably need to be shorter though.
nyango    6 months ago
Well I don't really understand the need for the faction war

I can see the rewards but i have no idea what trojans or
20 tier 1 files or all the cool stuff is used for.

maybe a bit more friendly explanation for newbies..?
Even if it is already posted, I don't know where to look up for info
forum ig?

btw i maybe 3 times a month?
draftman    6 months ago
better, once 2 week.
not rushing too much :)
B4b4tund3    6 months ago
twice a month
how about u fix my clan first. no one can join
SMSGirl    6 months ago
i liked the idea of doing it twice a month!
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