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1 year ago
There is 50mil btc embedded in this code.


All you have to do to get it, is crack it.

Good Luck
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winfinity    1 year ago
are ppl supposed to randomly guess your secret key?
Hadapos    1 year ago
Morning all. day 7, heres your tip to help in the decoding of the packet above.

My first is in gravedigger but not in diverge
My second is in bladder but not in blare
My third is in suaveness but not in unease
My fourth is in respiration but not in pretension
My fifth is in sender but not in redress
My sixth is in conical but not in lanolin
My seventh is in burble but not in blurb
My eighth is in deportation but not in repatriation
My first is in eyesore but not in sorry
My second is in balloon but not in bola
My third is in process but not in spore
My fourth is in thereat but not in hate
My fifth is in earthy but not in theatre
My sixth is in portion but not in tortoni
My seventh is in bastion but not in bonsai
My eighth is in neoclassic but not in coalescence
My ninth is in selection but not in illicitness
My tenth is in learn but not in real
My first is in telecaster but not in lacerate
My second is in prettiness but not in sniper
My third is in applause but not in supple
My fourth is in hornet but not in hooter
My fifth is in sardine but not in airiness
My sixth is in irritation but not in intro
My seventh is in antiquarian but not in quaint
My eighth is in mastermind but not in mistreatment
Hadapos    1 year ago
man look at all that beautiful feed back. lol
LiveLonger    1 year ago
This has been solved.

Congrats to the winner.
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