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how can do this

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00fed    2 months ago
Step 1. Create a fire
Step 2. Throw everything you value into said
fire. Material possessions are useless for this.
Step 3. Simply open a portal to the 4th dimension.
Step 4. Enter the previously mentioned portal.
Step 5. Upon entrance, you should be greeted by R. He is the controller of realities.
Step 6. Tell R the following code "JX360F2"
Step 7. He will give you a stick you you will return to where you made the portal.
Step 8. Saying the phrase "I will not be happy" should activate the stick.
step 9. wave the stick around and watch as reality bends to your will.
winfinity    2 months ago
00fed's response deserves more upvotes.
KingLucas    2 months ago
How do I make 'fire'
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