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You will click on the words in the Logs window that appear in a jumbled mess of characters, finding the likeness which means how many characters match with the actual correct password.

Lets say you pick "ball". answer = bake / likeness = 2 "ball" has 2 matching characters in the same spot with the answer. Lets say you pick "abek". This time likeness = 0 since no characters match the same spot despite having the exact letters as the answer.

You will be logged upon initial connection...You will get 3 chances to solve the puzzle before you will get disconnected and you will have to reconnect to attempt solving the puzzle again.

Explanation Video by Hi_Guys

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Neromorte    4 years ago Stickied!
Tip- make your first guess a word with double letters. it will help eliminate other words faster.
I_Has_Feets    4 years ago
it instantly closes
chaos_theory    1 year ago
wells fargo security > area 51 security
Brute_Force_Master    3 years ago
its like terminals in fallout
DDoS_R    3 years ago
yes its safe to use, its just a game.
_Evelyn_    3 years ago
Kalhas    4 years ago
how many wors we must find?
fortnite22_data_base    4 years ago
it was i little confusing but i got what was using ip adress and hacking thing i was doing and cracking wells fargo
silverBullet    4 years ago
so then where do you type in the attempt?
m00se_head    3 years ago
What's the point of cracking it? None of the software in it is really good.
haver23    4 years ago
is this website safe or secure to use? just asking
MrVspec    4 years ago
well i guess it 2 times then exit then connect again so i don't get loged out again
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