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4 months ago
i know that Qrer'eawae is in google IP but
when i try it say there is multiple files because there is multiples files how i do now .
if you see this post pls reply fast
signed by legunen
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Punisher_Smith    4 months ago Stickied!
If you look at the help menu, you will notice there are two types of commands for downloading: download & downloadid.

download: use this to download a file by names. You will receive an error if there are multiple files

usage: download <filename>

downloadid: use this to download a file by id. The only error you will most likely receive is a file not in the storage.

usage: downloadid <fileid>

You can check a file id by running the list command (ls). On the far left is the id (numbers)

Hope this helps

~Happy Hacking~

-The SlaveHack Team
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