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So these people hacked/wrecked me non stop and I am currently in the process of changing my IP and they put extra files on and since they were wrecking me so much I has to get the recover command a-lot and glitched to to have 2 of waterwall and Pulse Sensor and want to remove those. Also I downloaded a file from a player I hacked and it was not the real thing and I can not remove it even
with the antivirus thing. Can anyone help?
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Malware_King    1 year ago
I did that, thankfully I am a "newer" player so I did not lose much, and Ty!
winfinity    1 year ago
format harddrive
DSGN_GS117    9 months ago
If rm or rmid doesn't work on what looks like a normal file, such as a firewall, waterwall, or similar, then it's a trojan. There's two ways to get rid of trojans, either running the av command with an Antivirus that has a higher level than the trojan or running format harddrive.
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