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4 months ago
Yesterday while I was surfing in game suddenly I saw some shares left in stock market.

But idk how to use them so I buyed some of them.

Can anyone please explain me how to use stock market
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Punisher_Smith    4 months ago
Buy red, Sell green. + is to buy - is to sell
To become a CEO/CFO of a company you have to have majority stocks of said company. Being CEO/CFO has no extra benefits besides bragging rights.
Stocks update 40 times per 1 minute...

Please check my Part 2 kickstart guide for more on this:


Hope this helps

~Happy Hacking~

-The SlaveHack Team
idonthitupguysihitupgi    4 months ago
Well its really easy. The reason you can't buy any shit is because all the shares is all gone. Go ask winfinity for more help if you want to know why the shares are empty.
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