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Time has come.

It has been 76 days since I first entered this realm. And now, I am finally leaving.

However, I have accumulated a little over 2 quadrillion dollars and a small amount of BTC that someone might want. I even have 4 uniques.

So here's the deal.

Everyone who want to inherit my fortune simply have to comment on this forum post. I don't care if you comment that you don't want it. If I pick you, then you're gonna get it regardless! Or you can chose to not collect and have it be lost forever.

I will come back to this post in 1 week and collect all the names, assign a unique number to each, and randbetween() to find the winner. The second place will get the bitcoin, which isn't much. Currently 143 million. Third place will get the nudes!

Spread the word!
(Or don't to increase your chances)
The lottery has ended.

The winners are
1. Mesmerale. You have won ca 2,2 quadrillion dollars!
2. trxsh420. You have won ca 200 million bitcoin!
3. CodeViking. You have won 4 unique nudes, and 1 non-unique if you want it!

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SlyTheFoxx    1 week ago
The need to back up larger files is growing.
xpodo    1 week ago
i'll try
Junes    2 weeks ago
I agree out of the current list i think there is only 1 worthy
Typhoon    2 weeks ago
I would like to inherit the fortune, as I clearly am the only one who deserves it.
Pickle_Rick    2 weeks ago
no 3rd place is mine
SMSGirl    1 week ago
I wanna try to win!
01010101    1 week ago
I'll try
Typhoon    1 week ago
The real question is, when will you decide? :)
Devil546    1 week ago
i would like to inherit ur fortune please 😭😭😭😭

hello112    2 weeks ago
im bored hi!
pix    2 weeks ago
Guacamole    2 weeks ago
hehehee, me register. *crossing fingers for 3rd place*
athi3stman    2 weeks ago
id like to get added to da list
Taken    2 weeks ago
lilplayer6K    2 weeks ago
I will gladly accept the fortune stek :)
GRex    2 weeks ago
I'm only a couple of days old in this game and am having a blast so it's sad to see others leave. Good luck in your new adventures!
trxsh420    2 weeks ago
i would like to inherit some
MichaelB6814    2 weeks ago
What was the hackers' rehabilitation meeting called?
Anonymous Anonymous
Eclipse00q    2 weeks ago
Eclipse00q here to win the megamillions
Drazard    2 weeks ago
ill give first place 10 billion bitcoin for the untouched bank account number he is going to give away
aymenzem    2 weeks ago
please add my name to the list
CodeViking    2 weeks ago
might as well throw my name in the pot.
lilplayer6K    2 weeks ago
also, why u leaving for? are you gonna be back? I will miss you quite a bit :c
Mesmerale    2 weeks ago
My oh my I'm certainly willing :)
winfinity    2 weeks ago
I'd like to register for third place.
Andy    2 weeks ago
Why are you leaving?? But Id like to add my name to the list pls :(
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