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1 year ago
how long will I be banned for I said the N word and now Im banned
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Drazard    1 year ago
since you didnt use it in a rap video, or comedy special, or a hollywood movie, nor are you black and poor you cannot use this word ever!

its the most disguising word a human can utter, that insults people of colour everywhere, that only the people of said colour that as as previously stated, so horiffically insulted by it can use it freely without cuation on a daily basis Infront of the masses.

this word inflicts complete and utter PAIN to those affected, unless your pigmentation is black.
the use of this word triggers scars so deep when uttered by the white man that you simply cannot comprehend. the torture and slavery they had to endure. this one little word you have uttered that ONLY rings insult if your skin is not black must never be written or spoken EVER!

and for the crimes of you not having black skin, nor being famous, nor funny. you will forever be banned because you had the AUDACITY to utter the word that is deemed racist. such a racist word that the mere use of it and its consequences are only made clear after checking ones race.

the irony.
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