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Network Defense Activated: You must first bypass security in order to use further commands
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blugems23    3 weeks ago
use a tor and it bypasses it
Flamer    4 weeks ago
Update ~NetDefense
The likeness means how many characters match with the actual correct password.
Lets say you pick "ball".
~answer = bake
~likeness = 2
"ball" has 2 matching characters in the same spot with the answer.
Lets say you pick "abek".
This time likeness = 0 since no characters match the same spot despite having
the exact letters as the answer.

Source : SH2 Help Discord Server
aaa577aaa    4 weeks ago
Are you talking about Wells Fargo bank?
P.S.: not sure, but also players can have the network defense installed (I saw one :P )
That bank as an additional network defence: open the log window. Connect to Wells Fargo, you will see in the log window some text with words in it; click on these words, one at a time; you have 3 attempts, then you will have to reconnect again and try again.
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