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2 months ago
As I have been playing this game I have thought of a few ideas that would make a nice addition to the game. these ideas are as followed:

1. Stock market notifications - this would be very helpful to people who have stock but don't check the stock market often, The idea is a simple notification saying that the stock is at an alright price to sell.

2. Buying C-mods and Compliers using BTC - It can be a long process of grinding out C-mods and Compliers so I think it would make a vast improvement being able to buy these using BTC, It will also give players more options to spend their money on.

3. Bounty feature - By bringing back the bounty feature I think it will make more people think of the consequences of DDoS'ing a player, Also it will make the game a little more fun being able to go out and search for high wanted players.

4. Daily challenges - The daily challenges were a good opportunity to earn rare rewards, I think if we were to bring this feature back it could gain new people, Add some harder missions and rarer rewards so it won't be as easy and it will take time to get the reward. (It would be worth it in the end)

5. Have a peaceful mode - Some people don't like PvP so why not give them a mode where they cant attack other players and other players cant attack them, But if they have it enabled they won't be able to participate in faction wars.

6. Faction war frequency - I think the faction wars should be once per month so it gives them a bit more excitement when the war does come to start, Also it will work out as only a few players a month will be getting the Trojan and network injection packet therefore balancing out the game.

I would like to give a special thanks to amun for chipping in ideas to this forum post.

I hope you find these ideas good and I further hope that some of them may be added sometime soon.

Please feel free to comment more ideas that would be nice to add to the game.

Thank you for reading
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amun    2 months ago
I would also like to add the following suggestion:

Basically add games like "overthewire.org"

I think it would be cool if we could add game types or features like that to this game. I know we basically have the same thing as the SSH style games but I think it would be cool to have them in the terminal, no graphics or clicking links, all text/typing commands in order to do stuff. If you would want to stick to the basics and stay away from the website style games and stick with just SSH maybe we could have that option on each slavehack NPC. Instead of connecting normally, we could SSH into them and navigate through a file system in order to find a password file for another mission or NPC. Hide some reward crates or bitcoin or even C-Mods!! into the NPC's file structures. This would also include the logs being within the terminal file system as well when your SSH'ing (not in the logs windows like currently). You would have to navigate and find the logs folder on the system within the terminal to find and delete your logs. This would also include the windows. I would make it to where of course all of your windows stay just like they are for these missions but are basically obsolete besides the chat. When you transfer a file in the terminal it is transferred, no need to click in the task manager to complete it. Yes like I said before, you basically have this function anyways (I assume you added the clickable links and file ID's to make the game play easier) but I think having it all text/terminal just for these specific missions would add a different atmosphere to play in besides the clicking around on stuff. I may be talking out my arse here but figured i'de throw this out there.

Mainly so we can still be here on SlaveHack with this community while playing those style games.

Not suggesting to steal ideas but I could even help in developing some stuff if needed.
chaos_theory    1 month ago
a way to send file download links to players instead of having to directly connect to their machine
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