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3 years ago
If you got banned, before ranting here in the forums or in chat, check a few things.
1) Are you playing with friends or family in/on the same house/IP? If yes contact MrBurnZZ#4399 or Punisher_Smith ([SSH] Dr0wnP00L#3119) via discord to get the accounts verified.
2) Have you been scripting or botting? If yes then you will not be un-banned as this is a violation of TOS. Good luck in your future gaming.
3) Have you been vulgar and/or offensive and/or cursing in chat? Then it up to the mods around at the time. You may get banned for 5mins, 25mins, or even 9999+.
4) Have you made multiple accounts? There will not be a possibility of an unban.

Do NOT make Forum Posts stating you have been banned and need help.
Do NOT excessively ping Moderators or Admins in SH and in Discord.
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