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3 weeks ago
Hi, I just started playing so I might just be being stupid, but I bought the package that said it came with "permanent malware creator software", but I tried to run make, and got this. I didn't have any free space at the time, which might be the issue, but currently that package has rendered itself absolutely useless and I'm very angry about it. That was real money that I gave to this game, and I got nothing out of it. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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winfinity    3 weeks ago
i didn't purchase this, but based on others: go into "my rewards" and activate it from there. with it activated, you shouldn't need the software on the hard drive to run the 'make" command.

that said, not valuable really bc you can just go download the software... except that mew players may accidentally download a trojan.
Hacksmithy    3 weeks ago
Wait I just found a forum post saying where it is. What was the point of the package then?
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