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So I heard you are new. My guess is that you have no idea where to start or what to do. I was there. We all have been there. Luckily for you, we now have so much resources that can help you.

We have a Discord server, chat, videos, forums, and even blogs.

The discord server has so much resources such as:
-Video Tutorials
-Game helps
-Global Chat
-Voice Chat

Invite to Discord Link:

The forum has the following:
Kickstart Guide I
Kickstart Guide II
Kickstart Guide III

List of video helps

The blogs has news about the game and some tips.

Link to Blog:

You can talk to players in the in-game chat ( PAW Menu > Chat )

If you need the tutorial again. simply type "tutorial" in the command prompt.

~Hope this helps~

-Slavehack Team
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Punisher_Smith    11 months ago Stickied!
Updated Guide 10/20/22 @ 10:15 AM PST
junkhacker    1 year ago
Thank you for the information!
genericbot    1 year ago
For a game about hacking, discord doesn't really care about personal
Even Richard Stallman recommends avoiding the platform.
april    1 year ago
sorry who are you
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