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1 year ago
I, (am sorry for this), have been banned forrrrr?
We already fixed the deleting the other account problem, I didn't know my password and I haven't touched that account ever since.
I went through the rules and saw nothing else that I did. I don't even know how to script or bottle I don't even know what it is. I haven't been attacking anyone in chat, And if I have I'm sorry I didn't mean to do it on purpose :/. I'm the only one in my house that plays this game. I don't know what I have done
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Drazard    1 year ago
its because the moderators that have been chosen to 'moderate' this game have no other meaningful happiness in their lives, so rather than thinking for themselves and dishing out justice under a fair and orderly manner to benefit the health of the game, they for the first time in their lifetime have a purpose. they have a job. their life has meaning. so when an opportunity presents itself to exert their new found 'power' they see fit to exact their revenge on the world and for just the smallest moment in time think themselves important.
it gives them great pleasure to finally wield a position above the family dog, to be able to sit at the grown ups table and eat meals with the rest of us. a euphoric release of adrenaline flows through the blood of the misguided that would clench so tightly to a position abandoned by the very leader they kneel to serve.
with the absence of guide, unable to think for themselves, lost in this world with but only the knowledge that being a moderator is the pinnacle of their being. and deep down understanding that 30 lines of code can completely eradicate the need for their entire existence. im afraid you may not get an answer.
datgamerboi331    1 year ago
I got banned for apparently "having several alt accounts" I was playing on my school internet lmao and I introduced this game to my friends who also got banned, I think this is one big mistake
hUzzerName_2    1 year ago
ok so I have good news and weird news.
Good News: I figured out my password to my other account :D
Weird News: Why is it unbanned?
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