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4 years ago
If you are new to the game or just returning, this quick Faq quide could help you achieve your dreams for dominating even the best of players. If you have more questions, please check out the Forum. This has many more questions that are answered by many players. If no-one responds, just go to the global chat and ask. Without further or due, lets jump in. Don't forget to check out https://www.slavehack2.com/newforum/thread/part-one-of-everything-kickstart-guide/

This goes into more detail of the intermediate topics.

-----What are RCE Missions?------

RCE Missions (RCE Source) are a way to earn passive money if you have tier files

(you can gain tier files by loot-crates and faction wars)

To start an RCE Mission open the slaves tab from the paw menu and using the arrow until you see the slaves tab, once you open it click "RCE Source" look at a mission you want or can do, right click the mission.

Once you right click the/a mission it will show you how many slaves is needed to start that mission and will have a button for you to click to start the mission, once you start the mission go to the "Active" tab

You will see your mission here, you can choose how many slaves you want to assign by right clicking and looking at the options

(there will be a minimum amount of slaves and each slave increases your chances by 10% and will take 00:05 off the timer each time, the % increase caps at 90% the timer decrease caps at 7 slaves)

once you are satisfied with your stats of your mission you can click "Start RCE" to begin the mission, or if you'd rather not or made an error and assign one to many slaves you can Quit the RCE Mission without losing anything important

These missions will take some time, so go enjoy the game and check up in a bit to see if your mission is done or if it has failed, Good Luck!

-----How do I access and use the stock market?-----

Open the paw menu in the bottom left and go to the last page and open the browser and there should be a large N in the newly opened window, click that N and you should go to nasdaq.com

If there isn't the large N type "nasdaq.com" without the quotes in the search bar and press enter and you'll be taken to the stock market where you can both buy and sell stocks to make money

Buy red, Sell green. + is to buy - is to sell

To become a CEO/CFO of a company you have to have majority stocks of said company. Being CEO/CFO has no extra benefits besides bragging rights.

Stocks update 40 times per 1 minute

When a stock reaches 1000 or less available shares going forward, every so often, the top stakeholder will sell off all of their shares at market value

------At what level can I download "this" software?------

You start a prestige 1 (P1) and for each level you gain you can download that level of software/files

for every 50 levels you gain you prestige, this resets your level but you can still download lvl 50 files, the formula for what level files you can download is: (prestige - 1) * 50 + level = Max Download/Upload Level

Prestige 101 is when you can download the max level of software (5000.0) but you can have max level software before this by forging them to that level.

-----What is BTC and how can I use it?-----

To access BTC open the Finances window in the paw menu (bottom left of your screen) then scroll down until you see BTC info

BTC is Bitcoin, BTC is a way to keep your money safe from anyone and everyone, nobody can hack into your BTC account, however the price of BTC tends to fluctuate a lot throughout the day so you can buy I.E at $4000.00 and go to sell but the price will have gone down to $3500.00 therefore you would have lost money but if you wait longer to sell it could go back up or past $4000.00, meaning you could make/lose money from investing in BTC.

There is no real formula for BTC and it is all based on RNG (RandomNumberGenerator) so investing is really just a gamble at making/losing money.

Once/If you sell BTC you have to select what account you want the money to go to, the same goes for buying BTC, you have to select which bank account you want the money to be taken out to but the BTC

BTC has a fee whenever you buy it so buying then selling right away will cost you money rather than breaking even

-----I cant complete anything and my system says "Not enough space to complete this operation." What do I do?-----

You must understand that your Hdd only has so much space. First check your Hard Drive space. How much are you using vs how much is free. The simple answer is that you have reached the disk space or even passed it. To fix this problem:

1.Back what you want to NAS
2.Type "format harddrive" in terminal

-ok so now I don't have anything in my HDD-

1.Type "recovery" in terminal
2.Move what you want from NAS to HDD.

The second way to fix this is to actually increase your HDD space.
1.PAW Menu > Gateway

These are just some of the questions people have in the game. Refer back to the Forum for more content. Definitely check out "Part I of everything kickstart guide"

Thanks to the following people for their help:
Jesse, MrBurnzz, Punisher_smith, Carnia, PROPH3CY, winfinity

Special Thanks to L_u_n_a

Don't forget to comment. This helps me gauge how I am doing and to see what I need to update, or even come out with another part.

~Happy Hacking~

-Slavehack Team
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Punisher_Smith    2 years ago Stickied!
shroud    3 years ago
how do i know i have a virus
Hacking_The_hacker    4 years ago
please i want to see if u can upload on how to perform the transfer file mission am confused there if i want to upload the file it would say access denied and if i want to delete it the same thing what should i do
Punisher_Smith    4 years ago
@plzdonthackme I currently have another in the process. Thank you.
plzdonthackme    4 years ago
can you make more of these they are very useful.
cjcanhack    4 years ago
ok thank u
Pratap_Kumar_Mavjibhai    1 year ago
winfinity    3 years ago
As a point of clarity (and b/c it has been brought up in main chat twice), the formula for max transferable software level is incorrect in this post.

You have: Current-Prestige x 50 + CurrentLevel = Max Download/Upload Level

The /correct/ formula is: max xfer level = (prestige - 1) * 50 + level
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