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4 years ago
If you are new to the game or just returning, this quick Faq quide could help you achieve your dreams for dominating even the best of players. If you have more questions, please check out the Forum. This has many more questions that are answered by many players. If no-one responds, just go to the global chat and ask. Without further or due, lets jump in. Don't forget to check out:



-----How do I prestige?-----

You need to first understand reputation before you figure out how to prestige. EVERY ACTION GIVES YOU REPUTATION!!!
AV'ing viruses, deleting files, DDoSing enemies, or just doing missions gives you different amounts of rep. Reputaion will increase your level. Once you hit level 50, you will prestige by 1. You can actually check your reputation, your level, and your prestige by going to "Your Computer" (Paw Menu > My Computer). "My Computer" will also show how much rep you gained for different functions.

Process Stats Rep

Pulse: 10000
Drill: 10000
Malware: 10000
AV: 10000
DDoS: 10000
Delete: 10000
Download: 10000
Upload: 10000
Install: 10000
Ransomed: 10000

-----What softwares get uploaded/installed?-----

In the game, there is a plethora of goodies that you can use to take down your opponent(s) and reign as king of the game.
Obviously to use them, you need to make them first. Do do this, you'll need a Malware Creator (except for Trojans, which are rewarded by faction wars). I'll discuss where to get a VMaker later in another question.

((How to make viruses))
Run any of these commands: create, make, cook
followed by -help (use this with any command in the game)
i.e "create -help","make -help", "cook -help"

This will give you a list of viruses that you can make. However, there is one not-so-virus that is not listed. That is the teddy. To learn how to make a teddy, use "teddy -help"

((What gets uploaded or installed))
First of all, all viruses must get uploaded first. It doesnt matter what kind. However, there are some viruses that need to be installed onto a target as well.

Here is a list of viruses that need to be uploaded only:
1.Trojans (auto install btw)

Here is a list of viruses that need to be installed as well as uploaded:
1.DDoS Virus
2.Miner Virus

-----How do I use miners?-----

As in the earlier question, there are two steps to using miners, right? Negative, there are actually 5 steps. The first is uploading. Find a target with good CPU and upload our miner once you make it. The second step is to install your miner. Thirdly, go to your "slaves" window and find the ip that you installed the miner to. Next to it, it should say "miner" in all orange. CLick it. You should see turn blue with a progress bar and numbers. This brings us to our next step. The fourth step, you need to WAIT. Miners dont make money off trees. Give it some time to mine some Slavecoins. Come back the next day. The last step is to actually mine. Connect to the target with the miner. In the terminal, type "mine" or whatever your alias is for that command.

-----Where are software located? (25s and under)-----

You will find a plethora of software in the game. There are "two" types of software you can actually snatch. The first is normal software. This will be labeled with its function i.e A firewall will be labled "Firewall", Antivirus with "Antivirus" and so on. These will typically be low leveled software(0.1-10). The other type of software are called aliens. i.e. Firewall will be "Pha'ua", Antivirus with "Vlyl'en". These will be level 25.

Starter software:
|Malware Creator Microsoft ->|
|Antivirus Symantec ->|
|rDDoS The Pentagon ->|

|Aliens .fwl Pha'ua Area52. ->|
|Aliens .wwl On'ua Nasa. ->|
|Aliens .vmaker Qrer'eawae Google. ->|
|Aliens .pulse .sensor Pryq'ath Spacex. ->|
|Aliens .ddos .remote Crouk'ots FBI. ->|
|Aliens .antivirus Vlyl'en Area51. ->|

-----How do I claim my loot crates?-----

OH MY GOODNESS, YOU GOT REWARDS!!!!! Share some. I'm just kidding. You got rewards, now its time to get them. I know the topic is loot crate, but I'll throw another item in so you keep reading. There is again, a plethora of rewards to get. Some are crates while other are software. To see what you have and to activate them go to the "Rewards" tab (PAW Menu > _page_ > Rewards). Simply click "Activate" to claim your rewards.

-----What is/use of slavehack legacy?-----

When you log in, you may see the choice for Slavehack 2 or Slavehack Legacy. You may even see the downloadable software for Legacy in SH2. Slavehack legacy was the original, first Slavehack if you will. Its quite an interesting game to play. You know whats super cool? If you download legacy from one of the SH2 NPC's, you can actually play Legacy at the same time as playing SH2.

NOTE: Some players may not be able to access Legacy at this time. No one knows why.

-----What does this acronym mean?-----

Acronyms you should know:
DDoS - Distributed Denial of Service.
WWL - Waterwall.
FWL - Firewall.
IP - Internet Protocol.
VPC - Virtual Player Computer.
NPC - Non Player Computer.
CPU - Central Processing Unit.
HDD - Hard Drive Disk.
MHz - MegaHertZ.
Mbps - Megabits Per Second.
NAS - Network Attached Storage.
XHD - External Hard Drive.

-----Who are the moderators/admins/devs?-----

Who are the all seeing eyes in the game. I know, its scary, but you should at least know who to repect (maybe just a little.)

Jesse - Developer
Reyjr - Developer
MrBurnZZ - Admin
Punisher_Smith - Admin
Carnia - Blogger
Dooby69 - Moderator
Hi_Guys - Moderator
MrSlippery - Moderator
MrCyReX - Moderator
MLinzi - Moderator

Be careful, we are always watching!!!

These are just some of the questions people have in the game. Refer back to the Forum, other Kickstart guides, and blogs for more content

Thanks to the following people for their help:
ManicMO, PR0PH3CY, Punisher_smith, MrBurnzz

Don't forget to comment. This helps me gauge how I am doing and to see what I need to update, or even come out with another part.

~Happy Hacking~

-Slavehack Team
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xD_Beau    3 years ago
how do u make a trojan?
Galawyn    2 years ago
Ok, sorry i found the level parameter
Galawyn    2 years ago
Target does not have a high enough rank to own this software.
Galawyn    2 years ago
About malware on players computers. how to upload them, because is always answering something about he can't own that file because he doesn't have enough high level.

How can i make malware for lower levels? do i need to own a version of malware creator for the level i need?
TaurineHades    2 years ago
Awesome awesome guide everyone! as a new player, I am starting to get the hang of things. This game is amazing.

Do you think you can explain on how to do more advanced things such as ( DDos attacks, uploading viruses or open files if possible.)
LostUmbrella    2 years ago
Guacamole    3 years ago
u cant make a trojan. it is earned from faction wars and faction wars only...
Horlahmee    3 years ago
this really helped thanks!!
legunen    3 years ago
thanks, it really helped :)
MeSomeone    3 years ago
thanks, it really helped :)
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