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1 month ago
If you enjoy a good puzzle and you like to be rewarded for solving them, then this is just for you. Somewhere on the NPCs there are hints to a riddle. This riddle can you lead you to a puzzle. If you can solve the puzzle, you will be rewarded with great treasures.

Are you up for the challenge??

HINT: From where the searchers go, the faces of books can be found containing riches beyond measure, hidden within an api
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SH1    4 weeks ago
Anybody found the books so far?
SH1    3 weeks ago
Let me share my progress.

Mostly I was looking around on the server for "Books" and recognized, that they are real book chapters. Still trying to collect all chapters from all books. But I don't know if they are related to that puzzle. But there have to be a starting point at the NPCs as written in the original text.

But I got a new clue. It was more or less luck. I caught Kohryu hacking me and hacked back, he had no high firewall active, could bypass with level 25 waterwall. Maybe we should hack him during this puzzle?

I found a txt file on his harddrive called puzzles.txt, with the following content.

"where there are faces, you might find a secret
if only there was a way to look it up"

Faces? I thought maybe the faces on the memes?
He has too many on the harddisk, with one called "if only.meme". The only name related to the text.

The content is "I'm not saying it's if I were in scope... but it's would be dead"

That's all I could find out so far. I assume the rest is somewhere out at the NPCs.

P.S. Be aware of Kohryu, he ransoms you if you hack him. :-/
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