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1 month ago
Hey guys,

I would like your opinion on a SH unofficial android app. (if it does well, i'll make an version available for apple since it is expensive to have available).

Here's a few questions: (answer in here only)
1.Would you be interested in an App?
2.Do you want an area for your own blog?
3.Want a chat?
4.SH news updated by mods/admin?
6. Your ideas?

This will take me some time to dev a few things, but as complete each new feature, I will update the app.

Please share this.
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ghst    1 month ago
1.Would you be interested in an App? Yes, absolutely. I think a companion app would be great at first.
2.Do you want an area for your own blog? Not big on blogs, myself, so I don't really see the need for this feature.
3.Want a chat? Would this be connected to in-game chat? If so, then absolutely, yes.
4.SH news updated by mods/admin? That could be interesting, but only if the mods would want to actually put in the time. Don't work on this feature if it's going to be neglected in the near future.
5.Gossip? I mean, she has a point. She's an icon. She's legendary. And she IS the moment. Now come on, now.
6. Your ideas? I think this should be taken in the direction of a companion app at first to establish some base functionality and take a load off of the devs of the app in the initial stage of development. Start with a btc interface, maybe include a graph similar to Drazard's website. Then add chat for the social element of the game that we all love. Then perhaps after that we can start seeing some development going to main game functionality after the app has a decent userbase. Ultimately, it's up to you, but this is how I see it becoming the most successful in a short amount of time.
MLinzi    2 weeks ago
I'm all for a way to monitor, buy, sell bitties and stocks. Would love to see the chat on mobile and keep up with everyone.
LethalLight298    3 weeks ago
are you a dev for the game? if so i have a few serious questions. could you dm me. please an thank you.
dbx12    1 month ago
1) Maybe, depends on features
2) Like writing my own news? Not interested in writing, but would read some others player's blogs
3) Tied to game chat would be nice, otherwise I would prefer discord.
4) News probably are the same like on Discord, but mirroring them, why not?
5) Can't image what would be in that category, so no answer to that for now.
6) nothing for now, maybe I think of something

Depending on what language you use, I might be interested in helping out, if you look for contributors.
barton222    1 month ago
love the idea, maybe add a feature that you can buy and sell btc/stocks so its more convenient to check when to buy/sell
Hacking_The_hacker    1 month ago
no number 5 but am in for all
idonthitupguysihitupgi    1 month ago
I don't think the app should be used if its only for news and stuff. It's basically third party. It would be better to just make it as convenient as possible. Meaning the discord or even ingame ways of communication would be preferred. Of course I would take the app if it meant being up to date tho. Just would prefer discord.
Iridon    1 month ago
1) Yes (companion app, not fitting all this on mobile)
2) No
3) Yes (Tied to game chat)
4) Yes
5) Like?
6) Only what I added to 1 and 3, the rest sounds great :D
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