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2 weeks ago
Hey yall,

Im going to restart the SH App project from the ground up with a new system that will make it easier for all devices to use.

I want to get something useful out quickly (not sure how quick). So for that, I am leaving it up to yall to leave some comments on what you want or think would be beneficial for the first iteration of the app.

I'm thinking access to forums and chat first, and more later. Comment below whatever you want first. Once I see a number of comments, ill make a survey to determine the winner for what to build first.

~ Happy Hacking ~

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Rally48    2 weeks ago
This sounds great, especially chat! Forum is not that active imho.. Would be nice if the game is also portable to the app. But I support your idea! If you need help, mostly about designing (architectural) let me know!
luciffer    2 weeks ago
i would like to know if game activity is about
one or more players
we were just wondering
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