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4 months ago
--This is not a f#cking walkthrough(it put horribly together)

Lesson 1: The Basics(DO NOT SKIP!)

OK! If you did skip even though I said not too f#ck you! If you didn’t and are here properly learning then good! Class is now in session, and we have much to cover.

In this photo above is the front page of your game. In it you can find a lot of information and helpful tidbits.

#1 Your IP address.

Don’t think I need to say a lot about it. It’s is your own unique signature in the game. Whenever you perform an action, be it downloading a file or drilling a bank account, it is recorded in both your private log and on the server you are currently logged into.

IMPORTANT! If someone else gets your IP address, they can, to put it simply, f#ck your computer. They can log into your computer, install viruses, take a look at your private logs, or just be a d#ck and delete all your hard earned software and make you go and get it all over again. So guard your IP carefully. It is your metaphorical Achilles heel in the game.

#2 Your Rank and Reputation(Level and EXP)

This is only helpful to those of you who like to keep track of your score. There is a leaderboard in the navigation menu(Which I will get to in a moment) that will show the top 50 players in the game and their current score. As far as I know, there are no benefits to increasing your score besides the fame you garner. As you perform more hacks, drill more bank accounts, and do more hackerish actions, the EXP goes up. Nuff said.

#3 Your Reset Buttons

Now if you were a dumbo and left your IP address on the servers, several malicious viruses and hackers have probably already gotten to your computer and bank accounts. Now if only there was a way to fix it….OH YEAH! There is.

These are the reset buttons. There are 2 of them, one that looks like an ID card, and another that looks like a money bag. The one that looks like an ID card is your IP reset. If you get yourself hacked, you can use an IP reset and change your IP so that the person(s) hacking you cannot find you.

IMPORTANT! You must first get rid of any and all malicious viruses on your computer before you reset your IP, if you don’t they can still track you down by use of said viruses.

The 2nd reset button that looks like a bag of money is your bank account password reset. If your bank account gets drilled and stolen from, you can use that reset button and reset the password on it. However, I also personally recommend you stop storing money inside for the long term, and transfer it out into your Bitcoin address as soon as you get any. Because once you get your bank account hacked, you can’t change bank accounts(At least not yet, but I assume the Devs will be adding more bank servers to the game at some point).

As long as someone has your Bank account number, they just need to drill it to get your money. A Bank account password reset will only stall for time. So if you get your bank account hacked, store your money someplace else like in the bitcoin account(Which is currently as of me writing this guide, impossible to hack into).

Note: You will start out will 1 IP reset and 1 Bank password reset. Save these resets! In the future, if you use an IP reset, you will need to either be lucky enough to get one in a daily login reward(Which are currently being debugged) or buy another one from the market, and as you buy more of them, the price will increase exponentially!

As of yet, the only way to get another Bank password reset is from daily login rewards. So use them wisely.

#4 Your software

This panel shows the current versions of the software you are running. Spywares, Maps, Anti-viruses, Pulse Sensors, everything you use will be represented here.

The level of a piece of software is important. For example, if you have a level 0.8 Spamware, and another person has a level 1.5 Anti-virus, they can easily wipe your puny little Spamware off their computer. However if you have a level 1.7 Spamware and they have a level 1.5 Antivirus, the antivirus won’t remove it.

The level of software determines how effective it is against other software. Waterwalls cancel out Firewalls(Duh), but only if the Waterwall level is higher than the Firewall level.

Of course, as your software gets higher level, they will take up more space in your hard drive. Eventually, in order to get stronger you will need to upgrade your hard drive, but more on that later.
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