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In Slavehack 2, how do I reset my IP Address?

Located in the direct top right of your screen is your IP Address shown in the color green. Right-click your current IP Address and click "Reset IP". This generates a process in the Task Manager window. As a fallback method, you may also run "ipreset" in the terminal as a command.

Full picture tutorial below:

  • Locate your IP Address on the top right side of the page.

  • Right-click your IP Address, and select "Reset IP" from the popup menu.

  • Optionally choose to pay in-game money for a faster IP reset.

  • Open the Task Manager from the taskbar menu at the bottom of the screen by clicking the following icon:

  • Once open you will see the process being executed underneath "CPU Tasks".

  • Once the timer has completed, click the green icon to complete the process.

All done!

You have now learned how to reset your IP Address in Slavehack 2! If you have any questions please let us know. If you have any suggestions, please use the yellow "Submit Request" link located in the games paw menu.
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ManicMo    4 years ago
Now that's a helpful post, folks!
antispam    2 years ago
you can use ipreset command
DragonKing2495    3 years ago
it won´t show the reset ip thing when i click on the thing beside the ip, how do i get it to show up because i am using a laptop that doesn´t take a mouse
___________________    4 years ago
h3art0fm055    4 years ago
yikes nvm i just did it wrong
h3art0fm055    4 years ago
mine just blurs? am I doing something wrong?
Shadowfire    4 years ago
EatPuppiesAndFly    4 years ago
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