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7 months ago
In Slavehack 2, Where is the Alien Software?

They can be found on the following IP's

Aliens .wwl On'ua is on Nasa. ->
Aliens .fwl Pha'ua is on Area52. ->
Aliens .vmaker Qrer'eawae is on Google. ->
Aliens .pulse .sensor Pryq'ath is on Spacex. ->
Aliens .ddos .remote Crouk'ots is on the FBI. ->
Aliens .antivirus Vlyl'en is on Area51. ->
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JonasX_YT    6 months ago
the programms protect ur files(firewall) get through Firewalls (waterwall) and you can ddos someone, remiving viruses (antivirus) and makes it easier to crack passwords (pulse sensor)
Squeaker______________    6 months ago
It wont work for me, it keeps saying i need more levels but then says im at my level
HIiIIIIII    2 months ago
what level do you have to be to get it
PR0PH3CY    6 months ago
They Work the same way as any other Fwl,
Wwl, Pulse Sensor, rDDoS, And VMaker.
With the exception that they use less space
compared to the Regular Software.
PR0PH3CY    6 months ago
They are lighter in space, compared to the
regular software
lildecomp    6 months ago
and what exactly do these programs do?
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