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1 week ago
how do i assign slaves to things, im doing my first ddos mission and it says i must assign 5 slaves in order to launch attack.

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winfinity    1 week ago
@H4L: slaves auto-assign based on the setting in... settings.

1) go to microsoft, get the malware creator
2) make ddos <name you want>
3) connect to the slaves listed in the mission (or if it says your choice, just do any 5) and upload the ddos virus you made to those slaves
4) in slaves, make sure the npc slaves have the ddos virus active -- yellow "ddos" is inactive, blue is active. (click it to toggle)
5) type ddos <targetip> to launch
6) before completing, make sure the ddos virus is still active on the assigned slaves
7) complete the task, complete the mission
8) profit.
Hacks4Lnch    1 week ago
Slaves auto assign, but you gotta upload and install your .vddos malware to atleast 5 NPCs for the DDoS to work
winfinity    6 days ago
btw, i missed a step.

3.5) install the ddos
jefezhaiYT    1 week ago
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