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Here's some goodies you might get from doing daily missions. They will show up in your inventory window, at the bottom, so scroll down.

Forge adds 0.1 levels to every upgrade for 1 minute.

Who Dat
10 free Who-Is searches in the terminal.

100% drill success rate 15 times.

Protection from Ransomware for 3 hours.

God Mode
#1 on the leaderboard for 10 minutes.

You are unhackable for 10 minutes.

Delete Free
Next RM process is instant.

Auto install spyware to the next 3 players you log in to.

DDoS Master
Next 3 DDoS hits to a player will score a 10/10.

Net Neutrality
Next 10 downloads are instant.

2 Fast 2 Furious
Delete slave traces of next player DDoS instantly.

Install a random teddy on next 10 players that try to log into you.

Cluck Cluck
Instant IP Reset after player DDoS.
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Kohryu    2 months ago Stickied!
FYI - Strategy Boost

Only one boost can be active at the same time.
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