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1 year ago
i got a mission where i have to upload/install the stuxnet worm onto a few ip addresses idk what a stuxnet worm is and how uploading worms works someone help me out how do i do the mission
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Toastisgud    1 year ago
Stuxnet worm is located on the NSA and the stuxnet worm was supposedly used to disable Iran's nuclear missiles
FALLEN_LAGACY    10 months ago
its in NSA it it sometimes disappear from time to time.
use find command in terminal to find ips
hacker12334    2 months ago
DSGN_GS117    9 months ago
IP for the NSA (as of 11/7/2023):
Stuxnet Worm will have a file name of Operation Olympic Games with a file type of Stuxnet. The file size is 638 GB though, so don't start the mission unless you've got a high network speed, especially given the large number of targets to upload it to.
waddiedoomlord    10 months ago
where is NSA
gash    1 year ago
i can't find it either
where is the file?
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