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3 months ago
You may wonder what these are. Are they collectibles or just useless?
The Tier 1 File can be used for R.C.E. missions on your slave's list; there is the RCE Source. Click on that, and you should see the following.
Also, tier files are viewable in your inventory, and RCE missions are their only purpose.

Open Sea
Pirate Illegal Movies Online
Tier 1
Create a TOR Exit Node And Capture Sensitive Data
Tier 1
Send Fake PayPal Emails Requesting Login Details
Tier 2
Siphon Cash From a Large Corporation Over Time
Tier 2
Host WannaCry Ransomware on a Local Bank And Take Control of Their Server
Tier 2
Joshua Needs Your Help From a Thermonuclear War ;)
Tier 3
now the Tiers are as follows: Tier 1 file, you can do Tier 1 missions. Tier 2 file, you can do Tier 2 missions, etc.
to get Tier 2 files and 3, you need to do them in order from least to greatest.
Now, once you are here, go to the mission you want and right-click it. When you do that, you will see the minimum number of slaves needed for the mission.
Adding those slave costs Tier files. And the more slaves you add, the hire chance of success.
The max success rate is 90%.
Once you click activate RCE, you will then go to active and assign your slaves.
It does it at random and after the RCE is over.
You will get the money shown and give your slaves some experience points.
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Aries_Hacker    3 months ago Stickied!
Rest assured that the name "Tier 1 file" has been chosen with utmost care to make certain that even new players can confidently and effortlessly comprehend the purpose of this form.
Kohryu    3 months ago
Shouldn't the title be Tier Files ?

Also - shouldn't you explain that the RCE missions use NPCs as slaves to earn you rep/cash and don't leave logs. Also there are special things from some of them.
Aries_Hacker    3 months ago
thanks for the feed back i get working on it right away
Aries_Hacker    3 months ago
let me know if i missed anything
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