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1 year ago
After about a month i logged into my account and noticed... I was banned!
I did never swear, were rude or did something else wrong. What did i do wrong?
Can some admin/dev give me explanation? It would be very nice (:
I dont expect you will unbann be, since there was a reason why im banned but just tell me why (;
Just remembered:
If it was because i spammed an account, I can explain it:
That was a account made by me, wich i made for a friend.
He never used the account i gave him, so i used it to test the chat cmds.
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dooby69    1 year ago
Multis: 4 accounts
kristinadiamantii    1 year ago
Idk to much abt what u did but u can explain it in the chat. But if you are typing here it means youre not banned right? Just let us know in the chat what happened so we can try to find a fo ya <3
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