100 Shades of Sentiment and Sorrow

February 1st, 2020

We’re proud to announce what we like to call the Sentiment System. We also did a complete overhaul to the forum. We also have some reports from the new Report Request section as well...


As you might of noticed, there is a new bar in your slaves window that shows the NPCs current disposition toward you. This system has been implemented in order to give high level and new players alike a reason to continue to do missions even long after they have hit a high enough prestige that they stop receiving benefits (as of the time of this writing that is prestige 31). This sentiment system is intended to reward long term play and is by no means intended to be completed within a short time period. As such you will receive substantial rewards for having achieved a high disposition with a particular NPC.

While this will give you great rewards by aligning yourself with particular NPCs there is also a downside. As you know with missions there is always a target. This target will not be pleased with you hacking them, stealing their files etc. This will cost you sentiment with them. So if your looking to max out your sentiment with a particular NPC it may be worth the Rep loss if the particular mission targets an NPC that you are looking to max out your sentiment with.

There are 50 Ranks of Negative Sentiment and 50 Ranks of Positive Sentiment Each with their own Adjectives.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Forum

The Forum has received a complete and total overhaul. This will host a FAQ section, as well as a focal point for the community to receive questions, bounce ideas off each other and develop better in game relationships. While this is a player vs player game we can honestly say that the community that surrounds this game is one of the brightest and most inventive group of people we’ve come across and we thank you all very much for your support.

Check out the forum here: https://www.slavehack2.com/forum/

Player Request Reports

On the last content update we released a Submit Request section, and this has been a great success. We’ve removed A TON of bugs and received plenty of fantastic ideas and really has become a vital part of the upkeep of the game. Here is a list of player submitted items that have been resolved / added.


  • Resolved an issue where self destruct messages would regenerate when switching chat windows.
  • Resolved an issue with editing chat messages.
  • Resolved an issue that did not show a proper error message when running the local command improperly.
  • A bug that caused Antivirus timing to take only 5 seconds has been resolved.
  • When Creating a Trojan pulse Sensor 1.0 or below it would change into Pryq'ath.
  • Resolved an issue that showed an invalid connection when the victim used an IP reset.
  • Resolved an issue where the logs command could not be run locally.
  • Updated the logs window to be more reliable.
  • Resolved an issue where a player would be able to cancel a mission more than once.
  • Resolved an issue where being logged into the same account from multiple devices would conflict.
  • Resolved an issue where the Main Chat box would go below a username.
  • Resolved an issue in chat where you could not tag players with certain special characters.
  • Resolved an issue in chat where the typing indicator continued displaying.
  • Resolve an annoyance in chat where you could be notified from saying your own name or making an edit.
  • Resolved an issue with DDoS process times.
  • Fixed an issue where you would lose your NPC level if you lost your NPC slave.
  • Updated the taskbar to support smaller width resolutions.
  • Updated the notifications system to be more accurate.
  • Resolved an exploit when removing viruses with the Antivirus.
  • Changed restore ability on NAS when disk space is overused.
  • Resolved a UI glitch where the File Explorer menu would expanded outside of its parent window.
  • Resolved issues with Avatars not updating sometimes.
  • Resolved an issue where bounties were not being removed from the Bounty Board after reaching the lowest wanted level.


  • Added ability to direct message other players by clicking their name or using the /dm command.
  • Updated the slaves list to support re-ordering.
  • Added the ability to see which rewards you have active in the rewards window.
  • Updated the My Computer window so that it shows prestige numbers higher than 31.
  • Added a wait time to teddy uploads.
  • Moved avatar changing to inside the game in the Settings menu. See: https://www.slavehack2.com/newforum/thread/slavehack-2-how-do-i-change-my-avatar/
  • Improved the File Explorer and LS command software layout and ordering.
  • Added basic message formatting abilities for chat messages.

Thanks to the following players for their reports:

ManicMo, MrBurnZZ, BitFlip, Past343434347890, Sneak_E_One, ___________________, Cyber_1nj3ctor, Carnia, Hi_Guys, RoJah, ProperPublius, PR0PH3CY

We encourage you to please continue to report those bugs as you find them.

-The SlaveHack Team

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