Kick Start Guide

April 4th, 2020

In this player submitted blog post, we offer a short Kick Starting guide to help out new players...

If you are new to the game or just returning, this quick Faq Guide could help you achieve your dreams for dominating even the best of players. If you have more questions, please check out the Forum. This has many more questions that are answered by many players. If no-one responds, just go to the global chat and ask. Without further a-due, lets jump in.

What are compilers for?

Take a look at the Forge window in Paw Menu. Every time you upgrade your WWL, FWL, AV, etc. you use a item called C-Mods. Those only upgrade by .1. Legendary C-Mods upgrade by .9

When upgrading using C-Mods, you have a limit. You can only upgrade .1-.9. So if you want to get to 1.0, you need to go up by ten (which is another unit). Thats where the compiler comes into play. It compiles to the next whole unit (1.0, 2.0, 3.0 are all whole units).

How do I get C-Mods then?

1. NPC's

Simply go to any NPC (NON-PLAYER such as Wells Fargo, Area 51, and Cisco) and type the following command: "SCAN"

This will automatically scan for Cmods and Compilers. If successful, you will get a message saying "Found (X) C-Mods and (X) Compilers." If the scan was unsuccessful, it will say "Found 0 C-Mods and 0 Compilers." You can view your C-Mods and Compilers in your inventory (PAW>Next Page>Inventory)

2. Rewards

Go to your rewards window. Most loot crates give you a number of C-Mods and other rewards

3. Faction Wars

If you even know what a faction war is, you know its tough and gruesome. At the end of the war your faction may or may not reap rewards. If you do reap rewards, you will most likely gain C-Mods.

How do I join a faction?

The answer is simple. You don't join/choose. You are randomly assigned to a faction at the beginning of each faction war.

How do I create a new bank account?

1. Log into a bank of you choosing

2. Do "account -help" in terminal for your account options.

3. Use "account new"

You can obviously manage your accounts in the banking tab. Voila

Where do you get someone's bank account and password?

1. Their ip

What I mean by this is actually logging onto the player and patiently waiting. Watch them do transactions. Their bank account will show as a log. Then just run it like a bank mission to find the password etc.

2. On a Bank

Log into a bank and wait for a player to make a transaction. Repeat above process.

How do I crack the Wells Fargo Network Defense?

The likeness means how many characters match with the actual correct password.

Lets say you pick "ball". answer = bake / likeness = 2 "ball" has 2 matching characters in the same spot with the answer (ba). Lets say you pick "abek". This time likeness = 0 since no characters match the same spot despite having the exact letters as the answer.

I know its a little difficult to understand, but you'll get the hang of it.

How to transfer files to external drive?

The nice thing about the Slavehack 2 GUI is that it has built in Drag-n-drop opportunities.

1. Open Files

2. Go to Hard Drive

3. Grab/Left Click Hold on the file

4. Drag to "External"

Why is tor disabled?

Tor is disabled because it wasn't working correctly. The logs were not registering appropriately.

How do I assign slaves?

To assign slaves for i.e ddos missions (not for RCE Source missions) you need to upload and install the program you wish to assign to a slave and if you do not have any other viruses that need to be installed (vddos, miner, spamware, and trojan) will be assigned automatically but if you do have a different virus installed on a player/npc you have to open the Slaves tab (Click on the bottom left paw then use the arrow until you see "Slaves" then click that to open it) you can scroll to the IP you want to assign the virus to if it is highlighted in blue if it is active but if it's highlighted orange then it is not active, if a virus is already active you have to click "None" then click the desired virus (Note: you cannot have two active installation viruses on anyone at any given time) after that, the desired virus should be installed

I Reset My IP But I'm Still Being Hacked?

If you've reset your IP but still being hacked without logging into anything/anyone you most likely have a Trojan or spyware in your system, you need a equal or greater Antivirus than the Trojan but you can just rm the spyware.

Trojans give the person who made them your IP without letting you know whenever you reset and can disguise themselves as normal software such as (Waterwall, Firewall, Pulse, Antivirus, Spyware, Teddy, DDoS, Miner, rDDoS, and VMaker)

Spyware gives the person who uploaded it to you your IP in their logs but lets you know you are being tracked in your logs

If all else fails, type format hard drive then type recovery and then reset

These are just some of the questions people have in the game. Refer back to the Forum for more content

Thanks to the following people for their help:

ManicMo, mmcracraft26, haxer, Carnia, L_u_n_a, 3XTERM!N8, Punisher_smith, bobtheleaf, MrBurnzz

~Happy Hacking~

-The Slavehack Team

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100 Shades of Sentiment and Sorrow

February 1st, 2020

We’re proud to announce what we like to call the Sentiment System. We also did a complete overhaul to the forum. We also have some reports from the new Report Request section as well...


As you might of noticed, there is a new bar in your slaves window that shows the NPCs current disposition toward you. This system has been implemented in order to give high level and new players alike a reason to continue to do missions even long after they have hit a high enough prestige that they stop receiving benefits (as of the time of this writing that is prestige 31). This sentiment system is intended to reward long term play and is by no means intended to be completed within a short time period. As such you will receive substantial rewards for having achieved a high disposition with a particular NPC.

While this will give you great rewards by aligning yourself with particular NPCs there is also a downside. As you know with missions there is always a target. This target will not be pleased with you hacking them, stealing their files etc. This will cost you sentiment with them. So if your looking to max out your sentiment with a particular NPC it may be worth the Rep loss if the particular mission targets an NPC that you are looking to max out your sentiment with.

There are 50 Ranks of Negative Sentiment and 50 Ranks of Positive Sentiment Each with their own Adjectives.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Forum

The Forum has received a complete and total overhaul. This will host a FAQ section, as well as a focal point for the community to receive questions, bounce ideas off each other and develop better in game relationships. While this is a player vs player game we can honestly say that the community that surrounds this game is one of the brightest and most inventive group of people we’ve come across and we thank you all very much for your support.

Check out the forum here:

Player Request Reports

On the last content update we released a Submit Request section, and this has been a great success. We’ve removed A TON of bugs and received plenty of fantastic ideas and really has become a vital part of the upkeep of the game. Here is a list of player submitted items that have been resolved / added.


  • Resolved an issue where self destruct messages would regenerate when switching chat windows.
  • Resolved an issue with editing chat messages.
  • Resolved an issue that did not show a proper error message when running the local command improperly.
  • A bug that caused Antivirus timing to take only 5 seconds has been resolved.
  • When Creating a Trojan pulse Sensor 1.0 or below it would change into Pryq'ath.
  • Resolved an issue that showed an invalid connection when the victim used an IP reset.
  • Resolved an issue where the logs command could not be run locally.
  • Updated the logs window to be more reliable.
  • Resolved an issue where a player would be able to cancel a mission more than once.
  • Resolved an issue where being logged into the same account from multiple devices would conflict.
  • Resolved an issue where the Main Chat box would go below a username.
  • Resolved an issue in chat where you could not tag players with certain special characters.
  • Resolved an issue in chat where the typing indicator continued displaying.
  • Resolve an annoyance in chat where you could be notified from saying your own name or making an edit.
  • Resolved an issue with DDoS process times.
  • Fixed an issue where you would lose your NPC level if you lost your NPC slave.
  • Updated the taskbar to support smaller width resolutions.
  • Updated the notifications system to be more accurate.
  • Resolved an exploit when removing viruses with the Antivirus.
  • Changed restore ability on NAS when disk space is overused.
  • Resolved a UI glitch where the File Explorer menu would expanded outside of its parent window.
  • Resolved issues with Avatars not updating sometimes.
  • Resolved an issue where bounties were not being removed from the Bounty Board after reaching the lowest wanted level.


  • Added ability to direct message other players by clicking their name or using the /dm command.
  • Updated the slaves list to support re-ordering.
  • Added the ability to see which rewards you have active in the rewards window.
  • Updated the My Computer window so that it shows prestige numbers higher than 31.
  • Added a wait time to teddy uploads.
  • Moved avatar changing to inside the game in the Settings menu. See:
  • Improved the File Explorer and LS command software layout and ordering.
  • Added basic message formatting abilities for chat messages.

Thanks to the following players for their reports:

ManicMo, MrBurnZZ, BitFlip, Past343434347890, Sneak_E_One, ___________________, Cyber_1nj3ctor, Carnia, Hi_Guys, RoJah, ProperPublius, PR0PH3CY

We encourage you to please continue to report those bugs as you find them.

-The SlaveHack Team

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A Bug's Life

January 18th, 2020

This week has definitely been one for the history books, We have fixed a metric ton of bugs and potential exploits, We solved the mystery of the 40x rep boost! We got a brand new chat for you to speak your mind. Stay awhile and listen...

The Bug Exterminator is on the case! 


    We’ve got a ton of fixes to share with you, but before we do so i want to draw your attention to perhaps the most important thing that’s been added to the game this week. As seen in the picture below. In the paw menu under SlaveHack you will find a report issue button. From this point forward we will only be addressing issues that are submitted through this form. This keeps everything organized on our end and makes issues easier to track and manage. So if you do come across an issue, please submit it using this new form. After submission, you will be given a link where you can keep track of your submitted issue.

    Now, for the exciting part! Any legitimate bug/exploit that gets submitted through this claim form and gets a true resolution. Will earn the reporting player some of the new Strategy Boosts that will be added to the game in the coming weeks. So report those bugs! Help us keep slavehack bug and exploit free. We pay better then any exploit will, we can assure you! 

Fixed it!

    Since the addition of the report issues button we have resolved the following issues:

  • Fixed a bug that unintentionally awarded a 40x rep boost upon opening of a Network Defense earn from faction wars or any other source such as loot crates. 
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to de-select and re-select slaves during a DDoS process to reduce the DDoS timer to the minimum for the process.  
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to complete a process after the VPC they were connected too reset their IP.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused new code (like the chat for example) to not display.
  • Fixed a bug in ransomware that was disallowing Ransomware virus creation. 
  • Fixed a bug in antivirus which was allowing the process to complete in 5 seconds regardless of the quantity or size of the viruses it was removing.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the clan window from being pinned

Speak Your Mind

    Chat has been given a complete overhaul and the days of /w are dead. We now have a complete direct messaging system that allows you to add/remove players to your “buddy list” and have private conversations in peace. So now you can plot your vengeance for that last DDoS with your friends without worrying about chat failures


  • Bitcoin Now fluctuates twice an hour: Buy low and sell high! 
  • Few Graphical Updates to the finance tab to make values stand out. 

Operation: Dead Slave

We have decided to implement a system that removes some of the in-active slaves from users slave list this gets rid of some of those infinite mining machines on players who have not been active in several months. The specifications of the Operation: Dead Slave are as follows:

Players with a last action of 3 months ago or more now reset their IP Address 

  • There is a 30 percent chance that they will remove all Spyware/Trojans/Viruses.
  • There is a 20 percent chance that a particular player will NOT reset their IP on this particular purge cycle. 
  • If a players IP is reset on a particular purge cycle then they will be set to a random interval to reset again. 


  • A Secret RCE task has been added and is functional which removes your name from the bounty board. 
  • It is a MAX of 5 slaves which means you cannot add additional slaves to increase your odds of success.



  • We have removed the ability to bounty players using the “bounty” command. We found that it was being underutilized and caused too much of a divide. Thank you for your input while we experimented with new and exciting ideas! 

-The SlaveHack Team

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Wanted! Dead or Alive!

January 8th, 2020

Bounties have been the talk of the town the past few days! We detail the changes made and some of the reasoning behind this! We’re ready to release the inner workings of the Trojan. Teddies for all, and the coveted GoldenTeddy...

We’ve got A LOT of ground to cover today and We couldn’t be more proud to have such exciting features to bring to this wonder community, So without further adieu let’s start with what has been the largest point of discussion this as of this writing 



We appreciate the community reaching out with their concerns and we have taken in everything you all have brought to us we’ve weighed each point carefully in endless discussion and we are confident that the limitations we’ve made to this system will allow fair use of this feature as well as prevent abuse. As you all know we are willing to make changes when necessary if a system becomes “un-fair” or unbalanced.

  • Updated the bounties page to include all wanted bounties, not just those of a higher wanted level.
  • You can now place bounties on players via the terminal command `bounty`.
  • Placing a bounty by username will increase their wanted level by 2, and if not currently wanted, won't reveal their ip.
  • Placing a bounty by IP will increase their wanted level by 5, and will reveal their ip to those bounty hunting.
  • You can place a bounty for 200 BTC.
  • Limits have been put into place to reduce abuse.
  • A player can place a bounty once per day.
  • A Target can have a bounty placed on them once per day.
  • With this max cap, and the daily bounty decay, it makes it so that it would take several days for your ip to actually be revealed (And if you recall last blog post, IPs are no longer tracked on reset ).
  • DDOSing the same target (IP not Username) within 2 hours no longer increases your bounty level each hit. Instead, only 1 bounty gets placed on your first hit.
  • A secret RCE task allows you to reduce your bounty level upon successful completion. Be on the lookout for it!


A few quality of life changes:

  • New option that allows the leader to delete their clan.
  • If any member of your clan is on the wanted list, you will not be allowed to delete the clan.
  • If you are on the wanted list, you can no longer leave, join, or be kicked out of a clan.


We are very proud to announce as a gift to our wonderful community the ability to create teddies has been granted to the entire player base!

Anyone who previously activated the "25 Viruses" reward now has the ability to create a special Teddy Virus: golden

  • Teddies have been limited to one type per VPC no matter the name.
  • Teddies can no longer be uploaded to NPCs 


We left trojans as a mystery for quite awhile and let you all figure out the secrets of how they work and what they are capable of. Just in case you all missed anything here’s the details of how they work:

  • Trojans can be currently won in faction war. In the future, there will be more ways to obtain them.
  • You install the trojan on your local host by using the install command `install trojan -help` for more info
  • This disguises the trojan into another software type that you can then upload to other players and NPCs.
  • Players that have your trojan virus will be added to your slaves list if they aren’t there already, and you will see which slave has a trojan annotated with "Trojan".
  • One Perk of the trojan is that if a player still has it installed on their system and they reset, they will be added back to your slaves list with their new ip.
  • Another Perk of the trojan is that it can spread on it's own or from others. Simply put an installed Trojan on an NPC and whenever someone downloads that software, they get infected. Unsuspecting Players may also upload your trojan virus to their friends, infecting them as well.
  • Trojans can be removed from a harddrive like any other virus. If your antivirus is the same level or higher than the trojan, you can scan it away.
  • Like any virus, the trojan has 2 states. Uninstalled (image looks like a horse), and installed virus (image takes on whichever software you chose to disguise it as).
  • The uninstalled version is for your system, and your system only. It will be consumed on first use. No external, no upload, no download. This is a trophy prize, it is not for the unworthy.
  • The installed version will take Its place once you install it and this is the point at which you can upload it as many times as you would like. Assuming you don’t AV it off yourself on accident (once its gone, there’s no getting it back) or a player fights back and removes it off you.

We've got plenty more content coming your way so keep your eyes open for it.

Happy New Year!

-The Slavehack Team

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Odysseus Has Got Nothing On Me!

December 18th, 2019

Trojans are back! RCE has gone live; Get your slaves out there! Bounties balance tweaks and much more to come...


We have made some balance changes to higher wanted levels as we found the permanent ip tracking at higher levels was too much of a con. This discouraged people from DDoSing as much as they might want too. With the implementation of this change as well as decay we feel like bounties are in a much more balanced position. 

  • IP tracking has been changed to scan the affected players IP once per day. This means that the IP listed on the bounty board at higher wanted levels might not always be accurate if a player is keen enough to keep resetting once they are scanned. 


We’re proud to announce that the Tier Files that are necessary to send your slaves out into the world were recently added as an award for those who qualified for prizes in the faction war. With those Tier Files you can get your slaves out there and earning for you! 

  • RCE Tier Files have been added to loot crates. The rarer the crate the higher the chance RCE Tier Files will be included.
  • The Slave window also shows XP gained through RCE by each slave. ( A special thanks to Sneak_E_One for their hard work on this, it looks fantastic!)

New Software

We’re excited to announce we have added some new software to the game which will add a new element of deception. Gone are the days where you could trust a software is what it says it is. We have also added a countermeasure to an old favorite defensive software.


Like any other virus Trojans have an installed and uninstalled form. 

We love exploration and experimentation and we know you all do too, so the specifics on the functionality are gonna be kept a secret for now. Get out there and experiment to see how they work for yourself! 

Network Bypass

The Network Bypass (network packet injector) combats the Intrusion Protection System mechanic that had been introduced to the game awhile ago. Having a Network Bypass will disable your targets Intrusion Protection System allowing you to skip the mini-game and clear your tracks faster!

  • We’re considering options of how these two will interact with each other similar to Firewall/Waterwall.
  • Should they be upgrade-able with C-Mods?
  • Have additional modules that could be built on for example an advanced persistent threat module for the Intrusion protection system?
  • Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on the player ideas tab on the SlaveHack help discord 

Infinite Possibilities 

A few days ago we hopped into game chat and brainstormed with you all about what features you all would like to see added! I just wanted to list some of those out because we had some fantastic innovative ideas and we couldn’t be more grateful to have such a great community surrounding our game! Here’s what we came up with:

New Viruses 

Zer0 Days

New viruses that could be built in segments with infinite possibilities. However, are only one time use. For these new viruses we we’re looking at format something like this:

Infection type>Payload>Payload2>Persistence. An example of this format might look like this: Trojan>Delete Firewall>Delete Waterwall>Lasts 1 hour 

So in this example if a player downloaded this Trojan it would continually delete their Firewall and Waterwall no matter how many times they restored it until the virus finally expired.

These viruses are going to be expensive to create and time consuming to “bake”. As such, these viruses will not be removable with anti-virus of any kind. As this is just in the idea stage there will be tweaks to this idea. Keep an eye out for Zer0 Days coming soon!

Clan Vaults

  • This will likely come a bit later, But having a shared NAS between the clan in order to make exchanging software easier between clan members. It was a fantastic idea!

We’re excited to keep releasing new content for you guys! Keep the ideas coming! 

Happy Hacking!

-The SlaveHack Team

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A New Era Has Begun!

December 14th, 2019

2019 was a crazy year for SlaveHack. As we welcome in the 2020s, let’s look at some of the recent changes and improvements...


With the addition of clans in the past year we have added a fully functional bounty system. 

As of the time of this writing bounties work like this:

  • Each DDoS hit will increase your wanted level and the amount your bounty is worth depending on the strength of the hit. 
  • Currently there are 5 levels of bounties from “Seeking information” all the way up to “Most Wanted”
  • Currently the bounty board shows those with a wanted level of “person of Interest” or Higher but will not track the players IP until they are listed as a “Violent Criminal” or higher.

*To prevent stagnation on the bounty board and keep those DDoS fights happening, we have implemented a decay of 1 level per 24 hour period. We found that not having a way to clear your bounty without being hit made for a bad gameplay loop. 


The newest gameplay element we are proud to introduce is RCE; This provides another outlet to use your slaves in new and creative ways.

RCE Notes:

  • RCE can be found in the slaves window
  • There are 2 tabs, one that has all the tasks you are currently not doing, and one that shows all your active tasks
  • Features a new mechanic that allows players to send their NPC slaves on tasks to earn money and rep
  • Player can currently have a max of 3 active RCE tasks at a time
  • Time is displayed in Hours:Minutes (Example 02:00 = 2 hours)
  • RCE tasks countdown in real time
  • Interactions can be performed by right clicking task rows or long pressing on Mobile
  • Active tasks displays the minimum number of slaves you need in order to launch the RCE
  • You can assign more than the required amount of slaves to improve the time and success rate of the task
  • In doing so, it also increases the price of the RCE
  • Each task cost a certain number of RCE Tier Files
  • The number of files needed are dependent on the number of slaves you have assigned, and the type of tier file needed is dependent on the difficulty of the task
  • Chance depicts the success rate percentage of that task (Remember, RCE tasks are dangerous so it’s never a guaranteed 100%)

Slave List

Slaves have been taken for granted and they are starting to speak up. They want everyone to know that they’re not just some hit you install viruses on, but strong assets as well and their experience is valuable. Leveling up your own mini army has never felt so good!

  • Each successful RCE task earns xp
  • On each successful RCE mission, a random number of tier files are earned to keep your slaves out in the world

There are plenty of new things in the works for your hacking pleasure! This is the first of many blog posts so keep your eyes open for more! 

Happy Hacking! 

-The Slavehack Team 

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Gryffindor Update

August 11th, 2018

A short list of bug fixes and small updates to kick off this new update...


  • Voice To Chat - You can now use voice to chat functionality. If you see a Microphone icon in the header bar of the game, this can be clicked to turn on your Microphone. Things you say will then be sent to the game chat.

  • Jurrasic Park - Added an Easter Egg to the Terminal that can earn you a smooth 100,000 reputation points.

  • Superman 3 - Added an Easter Egg to the Terminal that can earn you a whopping 1,000,000 reputation points.

  • Permanent Triple XP, still - We have from time to time ran special Triple XP days or sometimes for a week straight. After some evaluating, it actually seems like this should be on all the time, so it is now! Missions will earn you triple the benefit all the time now, forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

  • Permanent 1/2 off Donation Rewards - Donation rewards will remain half off for some time, but still take advantage while it is available.


  • Ransomware - Fixed an issue which would cause old ransomware files to not ransom the victims terminal
  • AntiVirus - Adjusted the size of the 0.1 Antivirus to be considerably smaller
  • Processes - Fixed an issue where the Network Processes would not be animated when toggling the Animated Processes setting
  • New Players - Resolved an issue with new player signups that would cause the tutorial and new privacy policy to pop up at the same time
  • New Players - Resolved an issue with new player signups that would cause the music player to read as "loading" until next game refresh


  • Windows - Clarified "Auto Open WIndows" to note that that window must be pinned
  • Chat - Chat bans are now announced in the chat the next time someone speaks
  • New Players - Basic Verification activated on VPN signups
  • DDoS - Player DDoS has been re-enabled and slightly nerfed

Well that is all I have for now!

Is there something that we missed of something you would like to see? This is why there is an Add Comment section below. Let's hear what you have to say.

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March 18th, 2018

There are a gaggle of new updates. That's right, an entire gaggle. Check out what we got along with a bunch of enhancements / fixes / features...


  • Tracer - The Tracer is a new Hardware item. It can be activated for 20 minutes before it disables itself. While active, it uses CPU and Network to run and scan for people connecting to you. It automatically adds attackers to your slaves list. It costs $100,000 to buy (1 time purchase), but free to enable and disable it at anytime. It does not always catch the attacker and it is tailored towards lower players in an interesting and secret way to benefit them more.


  • rmlist - This new Terminal command allows you to effectively delete an entire type of file from your local File Explorer. This is great if you wanted to get rid of all the books you have collected over time for example. Here is a snippet on it's usage: rmlist book


  • Software Pack - A new Software Pack has been added to the game, replacing all of the core Softwares currently available. This fun pack has awesome new icons with some strange names as well. Dubbed the "Alien Pack", you can find them scattered around NPC's as well as the special Firewall version can be found on the secret NPC, Area 52! Go try and find them all.


  • Permanent Triple XP - We have from time to time ran special Triple XP days or sometimes for a week straight. After some evaluating, it actually seems like this should be on all the time, so it is now! Missions will earn you triple the benefit all the time now, forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

  • where - Where is a new Terminal command aimed at helping out the newer players. This command works by typing "where" (or any of it's existing aliases) and then a few characters of an NPC name, like "pent" for "The Pentagon". When ran, this command will return the IP Address of that NPC. Pretty neat ey? This definitely prevents people from asking for an IP Address in chat only to get compromised by the other people watching that chat and knowing the person will go to it.


  • Mission Achievements - Previously there were only around 9 achievements that could be earned doing Missions. There are now 44 that you can earn for doing Missions. This was with the help of the player BornLiveDie who came up with the names, mission counts and reputation earnings. Say thanks to him if you see him around!

  • Whispers - You can now secretly share information with other players in the global game chat. This is called a "whisper". The syntax is pretty easy. Simply begin a chat message with /w and click the persons name. Messages whispered show up in chat in an orange color. Example: /w @BornLiveDie this is my secret message to you



  • Notifications Panel - A full notifications panel has been created, splitting your game notifications into 9 sections: Official Slavehack 2 Messages, News, Achievements, Bank Account Cracking, Bitcoin Packets, Mission Messages, DDoS Hits, Level Ups and User Notifications. Click the Envelope icon to the right side of the date/time to toggle open and manage notifications. Notifications can also be deleted from any section but the first 2 by clicking the little "x" to the top right of a notification. -- With the "News" section of the new panel, this contains news blurbs about hacks targetings NPC's. There is a 1 - 2 percent chance your hack will make it on the News within any given time period.



  • Forum - Slavehack link added to return back to game
  • Forum - Blog link added to Forum
  • Forum - "Create" option added for mobile users
  • Blog - Backlinked Forum and Slavehack 2
  • Legacy - Players who own donation packs in Slavehack 2 are given all Donations Rewards in Slavehack Legacy
  • SH2 - Added "Blog" to Taskbar menu items
  • SH2 - Added menu item to open Slavehack Legacy
  • SH2 - New forum posts should mention the forum post in the Chat
  • SH2 - Smooth scrolling added to file explorer and chat
  • SH2 - Chat should now auto scroll to the bottom when opening


  • Legacy - Resolved several old potential sql injection opportunities in SH1 code
  • SH2 - Game background should now "stick" when changed regardless of browser cache
  • SH2 - Potentially resolved an issue that would periodically cause logs to stop updating after an extended period of playtime. Possibly caused by slight internet outages from players, laggy internet or request timeouts
  • SH2 - Alert messages (New Slave Added, etc), should now appear 15 pixels below the action point, to prevent annoyance from completing processes in a quick manner
  • SH2 - Notepad will now remember it's size and not auto adjust
  • SH2 - Processes now do not overflow to underneath the game


  • Legacy - System messages no longer display at all for Slavehack Legacy, such as the gamble bot
  • SH2 - Retired the menu option "Tutorials" until further realized in to actual feature
  • SH2 - Staff can now change your factions for you. Hit up any staff member if you want to adjust between Black Hat, White Hat and Grey Hat
  • SH2 - Cloud virus has been altered from 1/2 CPU to 1/10 CPU
  • SH2 - Using the Cloud Virus on other players now gives no benefit
  • SH2 - Game Activity status "Hold My Beer" changed to "lp0 On Fire". Related to an old comical unix error reported by old printers
  • SH2 - Sharing memes, videos, drag and drops into game chat share that media to the games discord servers

Staff List

  • Jesse - Developer
  • Reyjr - Developer
  • BornLiveDie - Admin
  • MrBurnzz - Staff
  • Bobokev - Staff
  • Cryptek - Moderator
  • Stvorms - Moderator

Well that is all I got for this one!

Is there something that we missed of something you would like to see? This is why there is an Add Comment section below. Let's hear what you have to say.

Add Comment?

  Goldframe83 Forever Ago
    That rmlist is very helpful. I do not use the memes and it was a pain to scroll through everytime. thank you.

  BornLiveDie Forever Ago
    An amazing set of updates/fixes and well general keeping of the game. Thumbs up!

  stvorms Forever Ago
    This game keeps getting better and better awesome new features thanks.

 MrGrimm Forever Ago
    Love how this game is updated constantly,Keeps it alive

 GARI Forever Ago
    awsome changes, like that notify panel helps a lot . keep going

  Zinapse Forever Ago
    Nice change from SH1's UI/Gameplay. SH2 obviously still "feels" like SH1, but the newer technologies are making it more "fluid". I like the direction SH2 is going, I would love to see more features and not just softwares/servers/[insert something else that already exists but could be better]. All in all still great, nice work. :)

  MrCyReX Forever Ago

Slavehack Legacy Released

March 11th, 2018

Slavehack Legacy was released on March 4th, 2018. How have things been going so far and what sort of feedback did we get?...

    The Slavehack Legacy release went off without a hitch! We immediately saw a nice influx of players open up Legacy and simply fall back in to those old memories of playing this 12 year old game! So, how is it going after the first week? Let's check out the leaderboard on Slavehack Legacy and see who is on top to start:

                Slavehack Legacy Leaderboard


    The user bobokev really started off well and took an early lead. He has been battling against the user BornLiveDie for the top spot on the Slavehack Legacy leaderboard.

    Reception has been pretty well for players coming from Slavehack 1, however the pace is a tad bit slower for players who have never played Slavehack 1 before, so we noticed a trend where Slavehack 2 players who never played Slavehack 1 try Slavehack Legacy for only a short bit of time before reverting back to Slavehack 2. This was to be expected however.

    Slavehack 2 donation rewards carried over to Slavehack Legacy as well allowing players to unlock some nice features in Slavehack Legacy. Take a look at these below:

  • Extra status: Crowned at the highscores ()
  • Forum status ()
  • You are able to store 50 emails instead of 25 (on your own computer)
  • Be able to add a label to slaves at the slaves page.
  • Forum signature
  • Forum signature with images
  • You are able to store 75 emails instead of 25 (on your own computer)
  • Be able to add text which is displayed when people connect to your IP. (run a 'textbased website' on your system)

    Overall, Slavehack Legacy seems to run faster than Slavehack 1 which provides players with a nice baseline to succeed in the game at a much faster rate. We also added a few easter eggs and achievements in to the game to allow a small bit of fun for players making the switch over to Slavehack Legacy.

    Slavehack Legacy can be accessed in-game in 2 different ways. The first way is to click and then select the icon , this opens the full Slavehack Legacy game in the current browser tab. The second way allows you to access Slavehack Legacy from a window inside Slavehack 2. To do this, find your way to the Slavehack NPC and find the software named Slavehack Legacy and download it. You can then run the software from your File Explorer by clicking and then finding and clicking the file name. You can always just click this direct link as well to open up the Legacy edition: Slavehack Legacy

    Have you played Slavehack Legacy yet? Let us know what you like or hate about it down in the comments.

Add Comment?

  BornLiveDie Forever Ago
    Amazing game, still find the love for it!

  Goldframe83 Forever Ago
    I started out playing Slavehack 2.0 , and I have really enjoyed the experience so far. I came in with no knowledge of programming or hacking and have found it to be fun regardless. When I tried Legacy , I just found it to be plain and boring. Just watching the task bars. Slavehack 2 seems much more interactive.

  bobokev Forever Ago
    The game is the best i have played it,its real nice to have had some bad bugs fixed ,like you said its a tad slow on players at the moment but in time i am sure it will be a great game again. Come get me boys and gals.

  muse Forever Ago
    Amaizing , but wheres my Friend. Merlin oh Merlin!

 DragonKing2495 Forever Ago
    where can i play?

 ElfDisaster Forever Ago
    where oh where did it go?

Triple XP Week

February 25th, 2018

We are celebrating the release of Slavehack Legacy coming on March 4th. Check out the fun happening this week...

    Starting ... well right now, all players can earn Triple Reputation points normally earned for completing missions! Saddle up the 12 pack of RC Cola® and dozen bags of Funyuns® because the time to pretend like you are James Bond is right now!

    Also! You can now perform DDoS Attacks 3 times quicker this week as well! Keep them IP Resets handy this week as those clever attackers are going to be looking for a sweet target.

    Come join in the action @ Slavehack 2

Add Comment?

  BornLiveDie Forever Ago
    love these events

  Goldframe83 Forever Ago
    Loving this Trip XP . Leveling quickly. Just prestiged. Having so much fun playing this and meeting new people. I have no hacking experience , but the game makes me feel like a hacker.


February 23rd, 2018

We have 5 new really great features for Slavehack 2, along with some feature improvements and bug fixes! Take a look...


  • Forge Window - Forge gets a well deserved makeover making it more compact, easier and faster to use. Upgrading software will opportunistically use Legendary C-Mods if the software item has a sub level of .0 or .1, regular C-Mods if the sub level is .2 - .8 and finally will of course use a Compiler when the software sub level is at .9. You can also now Downgrade your software which does not cost anything.


  • New Malware - Cloud malware has been created. When this malware is uploaded to a victim, it allows you to use a portion of the targets CPU resources as your own. This allows for much faster actions. Cloud malware also slows down the victim as well.


  • Daily Rewards - Every 24 hours you are now eligible to receive a daily reward for simply playing the game! A daily reward can consist of up to (maximum benefit): 4 Diamond Loot Crates or 80 CMods or 80 Compilers or 80 BTC or 20,000 rep or $50,000. Be sure to check in at least once a day to gain your rewards!

  • Convert - A new terminal command let's you convert C-Mods in to Legendary C-Mods which definitely will decrease the time it takes to upgrade your software. This conversion rate is set to 10:1 at the moment. Run "convert" in the terminal for usage.

  • Reward- A new Donation Reward option has been created to allow you to Donate to the game in order to receive a courtesy Triple Capacity on Legendary C-Mods. You can find this new item from: Rewards -> Specials.



  • My Computer has been updated in the Process Stats section to reflect the numbers as "Rep" instead of "Seconds"
  • Under certain circumstances it was possible to complete an Antivirus scan faster than intended. This was fixed
  • Once the Tutorial is completed, it is now saved to the game regardless of device
  • Downgrading in the new forge is now free
  • Mining max benefit doubled to $400,000
  • Bank cracking process timer reduced in half
  • Software level limits temporarily lifted when forging only
  • Click and drag into chat no longer notifies users
  • [Legacy]: Resolved old bug that existed in old code that would not allow certain NPCs to be cracked, resulting in a "erroraa report this bug"
  • [Legacy]: Fixed old misspellings
  • Restyled the Blog to match the Forum style

That's it!

I certainly hope you like the new features so far and if you have any suggestions then feel free to leave it in the comment section below by clicking "Add Comment?".

Add Comment?

 MrBurnZZ Forever Ago

  Drazard Forever Ago
    Double slave income :D nice

  liquid23 Forever Ago
    Awesome new updates Mining max benefit doubled ! Love it.

  blackdawn Forever Ago
    mhmm Noice

  shelltp Forever Ago

  BornLiveDie Forever Ago
    i need some miners

  Goldframe83 Forever Ago
    This system rocks. It was tedious to level up software before.


February 23rd, 2018

Hey there everyone. Let's take a look at a few Pro-Tips from our friends in the eXcision clan...

    When you play Slavehack 2 long enough, you certainly pick up a set of traits and shortcuts. You also see updates as they become live, so there may be some things you are not aware of that you can do. These are called "Pro-Tips". Let's take a look at some of these Pro-Tips brought to you by the eXcision clan.



Alternate Malware Creator Levels:

    By default, the Malware Creator will create Malware and Viruses as level 1.0. It is actually possible to specify any level less than or equal to the level of the Malware Creator. This is great when your target has a low amount of disk space or maybe you want a shorter upload time. Check the terminal command "make" to see help on using this command more efficiently.

Optimizing Mining

    It is definitely easy to just upload a miner virus and wait for that sweet collection time however, you can actually reduce collection time and optimize your maximum benefits. The first thing is that the calculation on mining payouts is dependent upon the amount of CPU that a target has. Secondly, the maximum benefit is determined by the other mining viruses on the target. Let's see how this works below:

  • If there are no other mining viruses on the target, then you can earn 100% of the targets mining power.
  • If there are 2 mining viruses then you and the other player will split the resources 50/50 and you will only gain 50% of the targets mining power.
  • If there are more than 2 mining viruses then the calculation gets a little different.
  • If you have the mining virus with the highest level on the target, then you actually can earn 50% benefit from the target, while the remaining 2 mining viruses split the other 50% between themselves regardless of their level. So, making sure you have the highest level mining virus on a target (or the only one) will ensure that you receive more benefits than other players and will help maximize your income.


    The game features a built-in Notepad which can be found from the Menu. The reason why eXcision recommends using the Notepad over in-game text files is simply because an attacker can not read your Notepad. As an added benefit; The Notepad will automatically save what you type in to it.

Prestige Benefits:

    As you progress in the game will earn Prestige Benefits which make the game a little more easier for you. Here is a lok at the some of the benefits as you prestige that either increase or decrease depending on the progression ability:

  • Malware Creation Time [decrease]
  • Bank Cracking Change [Increase]
  • Whois Cost [decrease]
  • Backup and Restore Time [decrease]
  • Paid IP Reset Cost [decrease]

    Always keep these in mind as you prestige, since noticing something like a decreased Whois Cost is a massive benefit to pay attention to.

Those are definitely a great set of Pro-Tips by the eXcision clan and Stvorms so be sure to drop him a line in the game chat next time you see him. Do you have a Pro-Tip that you think we should add? Let us know in the comments below.

Add Comment?

  Goldframe83 Forever Ago

  BornLiveDie Forever Ago
    Awesometips thanks

  Scorpsmc Forever Ago
    Great tips!

  Ducad Forever Ago
    whats the secret ?? :)

  sparks95 Forever Ago
    Looks Good. :)

 atampt Forever Ago
    you didn´t even say how to make it you jest said how to make it better

  jefezhaiYT Forever Ago
    helpful thnx

  draftman Forever Ago
    awesome part is the secret tips xD

Game Statistics

February 23rd, 2018

Certainly 2017-2018 has been a long and wild ride, let's take a look at some game statistics...

    When we first decided to release Slavehack 2 we really did not expect as much of a player base as we got. I have to say, that some of you should probably take breaks from time to time! Let's gander at some numbers we happened to gather from the games database and other various long boring log files we formatted to be less boring!

Some Player and Game stats

  1. Playtime: 177,949,325 seconds. For those of you without a calculator this means that players combined have played over 49,000 hours which is equivalent to 5.6 years of game time! Go outside and play some sports this weekend instead!
  2. Reputation: 373,851,470 reputation points. Our players are certainly not shy of getting out there and hacking some high value targets! This value is increasing constantly as well and we love to see that.
  3. Missions: 183,941 missions. Move over James Bond, I think you may have a little bit of competition now!
  4. Hard Drive Space: 992,042.05 gigabytes. That is equivalent to 992,042,050 megabytes of total Hard Drive space. Just short of a Petabyte by 0.01! I sure hope it's at least an SSD for speeds sake!
  5. Logins: 133,954. We certainly do not shy away from that sort of traffic. The more the merrier!
  6. Software: 472,329. There is definitely alot to grab when it comes to new Software. From upgrades, to memes, to classified files, to viruses we certainly are not lacking on any Software in the game.
  7. Queries: The game processes just around 1,200 database queries per second for our player base at any given time. This is equal to about 3,110,400,000 database queries a month. Last month database traffic consumed 1.1 TiB total bandwidth. This number certainly grows as we grow but it is definitely a good thing to see that players are enjoying the game so much.

It has certainly been a busy time over these last few months as you can see from the statistics above. We still have a long road to go in the development process and we certainly appreciate all of the players who take the time to play our game!

Was there a statistic not provided that you would like to see? Let me know in the comments below.

Add Comment?

  Drazard Forever Ago
    Nice. lets see if we can double this in the next 6 months :D

  Scorpsmc Forever Ago
    I'd love to see the total amount of money/c-mods spent on upgrades.

What's New For 2018?

February 23rd, 2018

Hey there Hackers, Crackers and Script Kiddies. We have a list of things new for 2018...

    2017 was certainly a big year for Slavehack 2 in the Online Hacking Game genre. Slavehack 2.01 was released on July 9th, 2017 with a rocky set of bare features for players to kick at and break. Since then we have seen tremendous growth not only in playerbase and interactivity, but in development as well.

    Since that time we have seen great additions, like faction wars, missions, complete improvement rewrites of entire features, a new rewards system, loot crates, NPC API's, a brand new live chat system, a ton of new in-game software, collectible items, etc. The list goes on. We have also seen some downsides as well, like Rey breaking from development to focus on work, server attacks, bots, cheaters, spammers, etc. Through those good times and bad times, you, the players, stuck with us. We will always be here for our playerbase!

Let's take a look at just a couple of the things coming for 2018::

Slavehack 1

    With the re-release of Slavehack 1 coming to the Slavehack 2 server we will see some awesome old school gameplay happening with our playerbase. This re-release intends to be exactly like the original except the ShoutBox replaced with the Slavehack 2 Live Chat and some much needed old bug fixes. This is definitely going to be a favorite of the Slavehack fans who played the original and want to get back to a simpler gameplay style with a more relaxed feel. This released is planned for March 4th, 2018.


    Clans are going to be making a come back this year in Slavehack 2. A feature for Clans is definitely a highly requested fan favorite. You will be able to join Clans of your friends or strangers and help get your new clan to the top of the leaderboard, or even join Clans of your enemies to destroy their infrastructure. Players will be able to create new Clans as well. Clan Wars is definitely going to be a big part of 2018 as we move in to more team styled missions and activities so get ready to have some fun there.


    As we cruise through the new year, players will be seeing a lot more virus and malware types coming along for the in-game software. More interactions between players is key and builds momentum and a bit of tension so adding these new items will definitely be a part of the game plan. Keep a look out throughout the year for these as they become available.

Ideas Forum

    We have all seen these really good ideas on the Forum and 2018 is the year these are going to start getting implemented. If you put an idea on the forum and wondered where the feature is, then chances are you are in for a happy surprise this year as we expand more in to creating player recommended features to expand gameplay even further and allow for some awesome new features to come from that.

Faction Wars

    That's right. Battle head to head with other Factions to earn awesome rewards and benefits with Faction Wars this year as well. The top Faction in a Faction war gets a special prize along with even more special prizes for the top players of each Faction, so be ready for some hot Faction Action coming in 2018.

    As most of you already know this can never be a complete list, as we add stuff to the game all the time and improve game dynamics and existing features as well, so these highlights are just a few things out of the many new awesome features coming in 2018!

Did I leave anything out? Should your idea be on the list? Let me know down in the comments below.

Add Comment?

 MrBurnZZ Forever Ago
    WOW! Awesome stuff coming up! I am looking forward to the many additions!
I hope to see everyone in Legacy should be a blast!

  Scorpsmc Forever Ago
    Sounds awesome!

 ezra Forever Ago

Blog Open!

February 23rd, 2018

This is the initial blog post after development of the blog...

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jesse[admin] Forever Ago
    This is the initial comment on the initial blog post!

 MrBurnZZ Forever Ago

  Drazard Forever Ago
    Greetings Mortals!

jesse[admin] Forever Ago

 Angelsgaming5 Forever Ago

 ezra Forever Ago

 ezra Forever Ago
    hey jesse

 Juanmikkelsen Forever Ago

 amberrocks1 Forever Ago

 MARIEHARRIS145 Forever Ago
    Hey! Im a new hacker and trying to find my ways around the ropes can anyone help me?

 Deva_Bhai Forever Ago
    hi pls tell me which hack free fire diamonds

  muse Forever Ago

 aryangup17gamilcom Forever Ago
    i have lost my pulse sensor...what to do

 KiraKirito Forever Ago
    I haven't been on this in about 2 years