What's New For 2018?

February 23rd, 2018

Hey there Hackers, Crackers and Script Kiddies. We have a list of things new for 2018...

    2017 was certainly a big year for Slavehack 2 in the Online Hacking Game genre. Slavehack 2.01 was released on July 9th, 2017 with a rocky set of bare features for players to kick at and break. Since then we have seen tremendous growth not only in playerbase and interactivity, but in development as well.

    Since that time we have seen great additions, like faction wars, missions, complete improvement rewrites of entire features, a new rewards system, loot crates, NPC API's, a brand new live chat system, a ton of new in-game software, collectible items, etc. The list goes on. We have also seen some downsides as well, like Rey breaking from development to focus on work, server attacks, bots, cheaters, spammers, etc. Through those good times and bad times, you, the players, stuck with us. We will always be here for our playerbase!

Let's take a look at just a couple of the things coming for 2018::

Slavehack 1

    With the re-release of Slavehack 1 coming to the Slavehack 2 server we will see some awesome old school gameplay happening with our playerbase. This re-release intends to be exactly like the original except the ShoutBox replaced with the Slavehack 2 Live Chat and some much needed old bug fixes. This is definitely going to be a favorite of the Slavehack fans who played the original and want to get back to a simpler gameplay style with a more relaxed feel. This released is planned for March 4th, 2018.


    Clans are going to be making a come back this year in Slavehack 2. A feature for Clans is definitely a highly requested fan favorite. You will be able to join Clans of your friends or strangers and help get your new clan to the top of the leaderboard, or even join Clans of your enemies to destroy their infrastructure. Players will be able to create new Clans as well. Clan Wars is definitely going to be a big part of 2018 as we move in to more team styled missions and activities so get ready to have some fun there.


    As we cruise through the new year, players will be seeing a lot more virus and malware types coming along for the in-game software. More interactions between players is key and builds momentum and a bit of tension so adding these new items will definitely be a part of the game plan. Keep a look out throughout the year for these as they become available.

Ideas Forum

    We have all seen these really good ideas on the Forum and 2018 is the year these are going to start getting implemented. If you put an idea on the forum and wondered where the feature is, then chances are you are in for a happy surprise this year as we expand more in to creating player recommended features to expand gameplay even further and allow for some awesome new features to come from that.

Faction Wars

    That's right. Battle head to head with other Factions to earn awesome rewards and benefits with Faction Wars this year as well. The top Faction in a Faction war gets a special prize along with even more special prizes for the top players of each Faction, so be ready for some hot Faction Action coming in 2018.

    As most of you already know this can never be a complete list, as we add stuff to the game all the time and improve game dynamics and existing features as well, so these highlights are just a few things out of the many new awesome features coming in 2018!

Did I leave anything out? Should your idea be on the list? Let me know down in the comments below.

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 MrBurnZZ Forever Ago
    WOW! Awesome stuff coming up! I am looking forward to the many additions!
I hope to see everyone in Legacy should be a blast!

  Scorpsmc Forever Ago
    Sounds awesome!

 ezra Forever Ago