March 18th, 2018

There are a gaggle of new updates. That's right, an entire gaggle. Check out what we got along with a bunch of enhancements / fixes / features...


  • Tracer - The Tracer is a new Hardware item. It can be activated for 20 minutes before it disables itself. While active, it uses CPU and Network to run and scan for people connecting to you. It automatically adds attackers to your slaves list. It costs $100,000 to buy (1 time purchase), but free to enable and disable it at anytime. It does not always catch the attacker and it is tailored towards lower players in an interesting and secret way to benefit them more.


  • rmlist - This new Terminal command allows you to effectively delete an entire type of file from your local File Explorer. This is great if you wanted to get rid of all the books you have collected over time for example. Here is a snippet on it's usage: rmlist book


  • Software Pack - A new Software Pack has been added to the game, replacing all of the core Softwares currently available. This fun pack has awesome new icons with some strange names as well. Dubbed the "Alien Pack", you can find them scattered around NPC's as well as the special Firewall version can be found on the secret NPC, Area 52! Go try and find them all.


  • Permanent Triple XP - We have from time to time ran special Triple XP days or sometimes for a week straight. After some evaluating, it actually seems like this should be on all the time, so it is now! Missions will earn you triple the benefit all the time now, forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

  • where - Where is a new Terminal command aimed at helping out the newer players. This command works by typing "where" (or any of it's existing aliases) and then a few characters of an NPC name, like "pent" for "The Pentagon". When ran, this command will return the IP Address of that NPC. Pretty neat ey? This definitely prevents people from asking for an IP Address in chat only to get compromised by the other people watching that chat and knowing the person will go to it.


  • Mission Achievements - Previously there were only around 9 achievements that could be earned doing Missions. There are now 44 that you can earn for doing Missions. This was with the help of the player BornLiveDie who came up with the names, mission counts and reputation earnings. Say thanks to him if you see him around!

  • Whispers - You can now secretly share information with other players in the global game chat. This is called a "whisper". The syntax is pretty easy. Simply begin a chat message with /w and click the persons name. Messages whispered show up in chat in an orange color. Example: /w @BornLiveDie this is my secret message to you



  • Notifications Panel - A full notifications panel has been created, splitting your game notifications into 9 sections: Official Slavehack 2 Messages, News, Achievements, Bank Account Cracking, Bitcoin Packets, Mission Messages, DDoS Hits, Level Ups and User Notifications. Click the Envelope icon to the right side of the date/time to toggle open and manage notifications. Notifications can also be deleted from any section but the first 2 by clicking the little "x" to the top right of a notification. -- With the "News" section of the new panel, this contains news blurbs about hacks targetings NPC's. There is a 1 - 2 percent chance your hack will make it on the News within any given time period.



  • Forum - Slavehack link added to return back to game
  • Forum - Blog link added to Forum
  • Forum - "Create" option added for mobile users
  • Blog - Backlinked Forum and Slavehack 2
  • Legacy - Players who own donation packs in Slavehack 2 are given all Donations Rewards in Slavehack Legacy
  • SH2 - Added "Blog" to Taskbar menu items
  • SH2 - Added menu item to open Slavehack Legacy
  • SH2 - New forum posts should mention the forum post in the Chat
  • SH2 - Smooth scrolling added to file explorer and chat
  • SH2 - Chat should now auto scroll to the bottom when opening


  • Legacy - Resolved several old potential sql injection opportunities in SH1 code
  • SH2 - Game background should now "stick" when changed regardless of browser cache
  • SH2 - Potentially resolved an issue that would periodically cause logs to stop updating after an extended period of playtime. Possibly caused by slight internet outages from players, laggy internet or request timeouts
  • SH2 - Alert messages (New Slave Added, etc), should now appear 15 pixels below the action point, to prevent annoyance from completing processes in a quick manner
  • SH2 - Notepad will now remember it's size and not auto adjust
  • SH2 - Processes now do not overflow to underneath the game


  • Legacy - System messages no longer display at all for Slavehack Legacy, such as the gamble bot
  • SH2 - Retired the menu option "Tutorials" until further realized in to actual feature
  • SH2 - Staff can now change your factions for you. Hit up any staff member if you want to adjust between Black Hat, White Hat and Grey Hat
  • SH2 - Cloud virus has been altered from 1/2 CPU to 1/10 CPU
  • SH2 - Using the Cloud Virus on other players now gives no benefit
  • SH2 - Game Activity status "Hold My Beer" changed to "lp0 On Fire". Related to an old comical unix error reported by old printers
  • SH2 - Sharing memes, videos, drag and drops into game chat share that media to the games discord servers

Staff List

  • Jesse - Developer
  • Reyjr - Developer
  • BornLiveDie - Admin
  • MrBurnzz - Staff
  • Bobokev - Staff
  • Cryptek - Moderator
  • Stvorms - Moderator

Well that is all I got for this one!

Is there something that we missed of something you would like to see? This is why there is an Add Comment section below. Let's hear what you have to say.

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  Goldframe83 Forever Ago
    That rmlist is very helpful. I do not use the memes and it was a pain to scroll through everytime. thank you.

  BornLiveDie Forever Ago
    An amazing set of updates/fixes and well general keeping of the game. Thumbs up!

  stvorms Forever Ago
    This game keeps getting better and better awesome new features thanks.

 MrGrimm Forever Ago
    Love how this game is updated constantly,Keeps it alive

 GARI Forever Ago
    awsome changes, like that notify panel helps a lot . keep going

  Zinapse Forever Ago
    Nice change from SH1's UI/Gameplay. SH2 obviously still "feels" like SH1, but the newer technologies are making it more "fluid". I like the direction SH2 is going, I would love to see more features and not just softwares/servers/[insert something else that already exists but could be better]. All in all still great, nice work. :)

  MrCyReX Forever Ago