Slavehack Legacy Released

March 11th, 2018

Slavehack Legacy was released on March 4th, 2018. How have things been going so far and what sort of feedback did we get?...

    The Slavehack Legacy release went off without a hitch! We immediately saw a nice influx of players open up Legacy and simply fall back in to those old memories of playing this 12 year old game! So, how is it going after the first week? Let's check out the leaderboard on Slavehack Legacy and see who is on top to start:

                Slavehack Legacy Leaderboard


    The user bobokev really started off well and took an early lead. He has been battling against the user BornLiveDie for the top spot on the Slavehack Legacy leaderboard.

    Reception has been pretty well for players coming from Slavehack 1, however the pace is a tad bit slower for players who have never played Slavehack 1 before, so we noticed a trend where Slavehack 2 players who never played Slavehack 1 try Slavehack Legacy for only a short bit of time before reverting back to Slavehack 2. This was to be expected however.

    Slavehack 2 donation rewards carried over to Slavehack Legacy as well allowing players to unlock some nice features in Slavehack Legacy. Take a look at these below:

  • Extra status: Crowned at the highscores ()
  • Forum status ()
  • You are able to store 50 emails instead of 25 (on your own computer)
  • Be able to add a label to slaves at the slaves page.
  • Forum signature
  • Forum signature with images
  • You are able to store 75 emails instead of 25 (on your own computer)
  • Be able to add text which is displayed when people connect to your IP. (run a 'textbased website' on your system)

    Overall, Slavehack Legacy seems to run faster than Slavehack 1 which provides players with a nice baseline to succeed in the game at a much faster rate. We also added a few easter eggs and achievements in to the game to allow a small bit of fun for players making the switch over to Slavehack Legacy.

    Slavehack Legacy can be accessed in-game in 2 different ways. The first way is to click and then select the icon , this opens the full Slavehack Legacy game in the current browser tab. The second way allows you to access Slavehack Legacy from a window inside Slavehack 2. To do this, find your way to the Slavehack NPC and find the software named Slavehack Legacy and download it. You can then run the software from your File Explorer by clicking and then finding and clicking the file name. You can always just click this direct link as well to open up the Legacy edition: Slavehack Legacy

    Have you played Slavehack Legacy yet? Let us know what you like or hate about it down in the comments.

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  BornLiveDie Forever Ago
    Amazing game, still find the love for it!

  Goldframe83 Forever Ago
    I started out playing Slavehack 2.0 , and I have really enjoyed the experience so far. I came in with no knowledge of programming or hacking and have found it to be fun regardless. When I tried Legacy , I just found it to be plain and boring. Just watching the task bars. Slavehack 2 seems much more interactive.

  bobokev Forever Ago
    The game is the best i have played it,its real nice to have had some bad bugs fixed ,like you said its a tad slow on players at the moment but in time i am sure it will be a great game again. Come get me boys and gals.

  muse Forever Ago
    Amaizing , but wheres my Friend. Merlin oh Merlin!

 DragonKing2495 Forever Ago
    where can i play?

 ElfDisaster Forever Ago
    where oh where did it go?