February 23rd, 2018

Hey there everyone. Let's take a look at a few Pro-Tips from our friends in the eXcision clan...

    When you play Slavehack 2 long enough, you certainly pick up a set of traits and shortcuts. You also see updates as they become live, so there may be some things you are not aware of that you can do. These are called "Pro-Tips". Let's take a look at some of these Pro-Tips brought to you by the eXcision clan.



Alternate Malware Creator Levels:

    By default, the Malware Creator will create Malware and Viruses as level 1.0. It is actually possible to specify any level less than or equal to the level of the Malware Creator. This is great when your target has a low amount of disk space or maybe you want a shorter upload time. Check the terminal command "make" to see help on using this command more efficiently.

Optimizing Mining

    It is definitely easy to just upload a miner virus and wait for that sweet collection time however, you can actually reduce collection time and optimize your maximum benefits. The first thing is that the calculation on mining payouts is dependent upon the amount of CPU that a target has. Secondly, the maximum benefit is determined by the other mining viruses on the target. Let's see how this works below:

  • If there are no other mining viruses on the target, then you can earn 100% of the targets mining power.
  • If there are 2 mining viruses then you and the other player will split the resources 50/50 and you will only gain 50% of the targets mining power.
  • If there are more than 2 mining viruses then the calculation gets a little different.
  • If you have the mining virus with the highest level on the target, then you actually can earn 50% benefit from the target, while the remaining 2 mining viruses split the other 50% between themselves regardless of their level. So, making sure you have the highest level mining virus on a target (or the only one) will ensure that you receive more benefits than other players and will help maximize your income.


    The game features a built-in Notepad which can be found from the Menu. The reason why eXcision recommends using the Notepad over in-game text files is simply because an attacker can not read your Notepad. As an added benefit; The Notepad will automatically save what you type in to it.

Prestige Benefits:

    As you progress in the game will earn Prestige Benefits which make the game a little more easier for you. Here is a lok at the some of the benefits as you prestige that either increase or decrease depending on the progression ability:

  • Malware Creation Time [decrease]
  • Bank Cracking Change [Increase]
  • Whois Cost [decrease]
  • Backup and Restore Time [decrease]
  • Paid IP Reset Cost [decrease]

    Always keep these in mind as you prestige, since noticing something like a decreased Whois Cost is a massive benefit to pay attention to.

Those are definitely a great set of Pro-Tips by the eXcision clan and Stvorms so be sure to drop him a line in the game chat next time you see him. Do you have a Pro-Tip that you think we should add? Let us know in the comments below.

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