Wanted! Dead or Alive!

January 8th, 2020

Bounties have been the talk of the town the past few days! We detail the changes made and some of the reasoning behind this! We’re ready to release the inner workings of the Trojan. Teddies for all, and the coveted GoldenTeddy...

We’ve got A LOT of ground to cover today and We couldn’t be more proud to have such exciting features to bring to this wonder community, So without further adieu let’s start with what has been the largest point of discussion this as of this writing 



We appreciate the community reaching out with their concerns and we have taken in everything you all have brought to us we’ve weighed each point carefully in endless discussion and we are confident that the limitations we’ve made to this system will allow fair use of this feature as well as prevent abuse. As you all know we are willing to make changes when necessary if a system becomes “un-fair” or unbalanced.

  • Updated the bounties page to include all wanted bounties, not just those of a higher wanted level.
  • You can now place bounties on players via the terminal command `bounty`.
  • Placing a bounty by username will increase their wanted level by 2, and if not currently wanted, won't reveal their ip.
  • Placing a bounty by IP will increase their wanted level by 5, and will reveal their ip to those bounty hunting.
  • You can place a bounty for 200 BTC.
  • Limits have been put into place to reduce abuse.
  • A player can place a bounty once per day.
  • A Target can have a bounty placed on them once per day.
  • With this max cap, and the daily bounty decay, it makes it so that it would take several days for your ip to actually be revealed (And if you recall last blog post, IPs are no longer tracked on reset ).
  • DDOSing the same target (IP not Username) within 2 hours no longer increases your bounty level each hit. Instead, only 1 bounty gets placed on your first hit.
  • A secret RCE task allows you to reduce your bounty level upon successful completion. Be on the lookout for it!


A few quality of life changes:

  • New option that allows the leader to delete their clan.
  • If any member of your clan is on the wanted list, you will not be allowed to delete the clan.
  • If you are on the wanted list, you can no longer leave, join, or be kicked out of a clan.


We are very proud to announce as a gift to our wonderful community the ability to create teddies has been granted to the entire player base!

Anyone who previously activated the "25 Viruses" reward now has the ability to create a special Teddy Virus: golden

  • Teddies have been limited to one type per VPC no matter the name.
  • Teddies can no longer be uploaded to NPCs 


We left trojans as a mystery for quite awhile and let you all figure out the secrets of how they work and what they are capable of. Just in case you all missed anything here’s the details of how they work:

  • Trojans can be currently won in faction war. In the future, there will be more ways to obtain them.
  • You install the trojan on your local host by using the install command `install trojan -help` for more info
  • This disguises the trojan into another software type that you can then upload to other players and NPCs.
  • Players that have your trojan virus will be added to your slaves list if they aren’t there already, and you will see which slave has a trojan annotated with "Trojan".
  • One Perk of the trojan is that if a player still has it installed on their system and they reset, they will be added back to your slaves list with their new ip.
  • Another Perk of the trojan is that it can spread on it's own or from others. Simply put an installed Trojan on an NPC and whenever someone downloads that software, they get infected. Unsuspecting Players may also upload your trojan virus to their friends, infecting them as well.
  • Trojans can be removed from a harddrive like any other virus. If your antivirus is the same level or higher than the trojan, you can scan it away.
  • Like any virus, the trojan has 2 states. Uninstalled (image looks like a horse), and installed virus (image takes on whichever software you chose to disguise it as).
  • The uninstalled version is for your system, and your system only. It will be consumed on first use. No external, no upload, no download. This is a trophy prize, it is not for the unworthy.
  • The installed version will take Its place once you install it and this is the point at which you can upload it as many times as you would like. Assuming you don’t AV it off yourself on accident (once its gone, there’s no getting it back) or a player fights back and removes it off you.

We've got plenty more content coming your way so keep your eyes open for it.

Happy New Year!

-The Slavehack Team

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