Triple XP Week

February 25th, 2018

We are celebrating the release of Slavehack Legacy coming on March 4th. Check out the fun happening this week...

    Starting ... well right now, all players can earn Triple Reputation points normally earned for completing missions! Saddle up the 12 pack of RC Cola® and dozen bags of Funyuns® because the time to pretend like you are James Bond is right now!

    Also! You can now perform DDoS Attacks 3 times quicker this week as well! Keep them IP Resets handy this week as those clever attackers are going to be looking for a sweet target.

    Come join in the action @ Slavehack 2

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  BornLiveDie Forever Ago
    love these events

  Goldframe83 Forever Ago
    Loving this Trip XP . Leveling quickly. Just prestiged. Having so much fun playing this and meeting new people. I have no hacking experience , but the game makes me feel like a hacker.