Kick Start Guide

April 4th, 2020

In this player submitted blog post, we offer a short Kick Starting guide to help out new players...

If you are new to the game or just returning, this quick Faq Guide could help you achieve your dreams for dominating even the best of players. If you have more questions, please check out the Forum. This has many more questions that are answered by many players. If no-one responds, just go to the global chat and ask. Without further a-due, lets jump in.

What are compilers for?

Take a look at the Forge window in Paw Menu. Every time you upgrade your WWL, FWL, AV, etc. you use a item called C-Mods. Those only upgrade by .1. Legendary C-Mods upgrade by .9

When upgrading using C-Mods, you have a limit. You can only upgrade .1-.9. So if you want to get to 1.0, you need to go up by ten (which is another unit). Thats where the compiler comes into play. It compiles to the next whole unit (1.0, 2.0, 3.0 are all whole units).

How do I get C-Mods then?

1. NPC's

Simply go to any NPC (NON-PLAYER such as Wells Fargo, Area 51, and Cisco) and type the following command: "SCAN"

This will automatically scan for Cmods and Compilers. If successful, you will get a message saying "Found (X) C-Mods and (X) Compilers." If the scan was unsuccessful, it will say "Found 0 C-Mods and 0 Compilers." You can view your C-Mods and Compilers in your inventory (PAW>Next Page>Inventory)

2. Rewards

Go to your rewards window. Most loot crates give you a number of C-Mods and other rewards

3. Faction Wars

If you even know what a faction war is, you know its tough and gruesome. At the end of the war your faction may or may not reap rewards. If you do reap rewards, you will most likely gain C-Mods.

How do I join a faction?

The answer is simple. You don't join/choose. You are randomly assigned to a faction at the beginning of each faction war.

How do I create a new bank account?

1. Log into a bank of you choosing

2. Do "account -help" in terminal for your account options.

3. Use "account new"

You can obviously manage your accounts in the banking tab. Voila

Where do you get someone's bank account and password?

1. Their ip

What I mean by this is actually logging onto the player and patiently waiting. Watch them do transactions. Their bank account will show as a log. Then just run it like a bank mission to find the password etc.

2. On a Bank

Log into a bank and wait for a player to make a transaction. Repeat above process.

How do I crack the Wells Fargo Network Defense?

The likeness means how many characters match with the actual correct password.

Lets say you pick "ball". answer = bake / likeness = 2 "ball" has 2 matching characters in the same spot with the answer (ba). Lets say you pick "abek". This time likeness = 0 since no characters match the same spot despite having the exact letters as the answer.

I know its a little difficult to understand, but you'll get the hang of it.

How to transfer files to external drive?

The nice thing about the Slavehack 2 GUI is that it has built in Drag-n-drop opportunities.

1. Open Files

2. Go to Hard Drive

3. Grab/Left Click Hold on the file

4. Drag to "External"

Why is tor disabled?

Tor is disabled because it wasn't working correctly. The logs were not registering appropriately.

How do I assign slaves?

To assign slaves for i.e ddos missions (not for RCE Source missions) you need to upload and install the program you wish to assign to a slave and if you do not have any other viruses that need to be installed (vddos, miner, spamware, and trojan) will be assigned automatically but if you do have a different virus installed on a player/npc you have to open the Slaves tab (Click on the bottom left paw then use the arrow until you see "Slaves" then click that to open it) you can scroll to the IP you want to assign the virus to if it is highlighted in blue if it is active but if it's highlighted orange then it is not active, if a virus is already active you have to click "None" then click the desired virus (Note: you cannot have two active installation viruses on anyone at any given time) after that, the desired virus should be installed

I Reset My IP But I'm Still Being Hacked?

If you've reset your IP but still being hacked without logging into anything/anyone you most likely have a Trojan or spyware in your system, you need a equal or greater Antivirus than the Trojan but you can just rm the spyware.

Trojans give the person who made them your IP without letting you know whenever you reset and can disguise themselves as normal software such as (Waterwall, Firewall, Pulse, Antivirus, Spyware, Teddy, DDoS, Miner, rDDoS, and VMaker)

Spyware gives the person who uploaded it to you your IP in their logs but lets you know you are being tracked in your logs

If all else fails, type format hard drive then type recovery and then reset

These are just some of the questions people have in the game. Refer back to the Forum for more content

Thanks to the following people for their help:

ManicMo, mmcracraft26, haxer, Carnia, L_u_n_a, 3XTERM!N8, Punisher_smith, bobtheleaf, MrBurnzz

~Happy Hacking~

-The Slavehack Team

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