February 23rd, 2018

We have 5 new really great features for Slavehack 2, along with some feature improvements and bug fixes! Take a look...


  • Forge Window - Forge gets a well deserved makeover making it more compact, easier and faster to use. Upgrading software will opportunistically use Legendary C-Mods if the software item has a sub level of .0 or .1, regular C-Mods if the sub level is .2 - .8 and finally will of course use a Compiler when the software sub level is at .9. You can also now Downgrade your software which does not cost anything.


  • New Malware - Cloud malware has been created. When this malware is uploaded to a victim, it allows you to use a portion of the targets CPU resources as your own. This allows for much faster actions. Cloud malware also slows down the victim as well.


  • Daily Rewards - Every 24 hours you are now eligible to receive a daily reward for simply playing the game! A daily reward can consist of up to (maximum benefit): 4 Diamond Loot Crates or 80 CMods or 80 Compilers or 80 BTC or 20,000 rep or $50,000. Be sure to check in at least once a day to gain your rewards!

  • Convert - A new terminal command let's you convert C-Mods in to Legendary C-Mods which definitely will decrease the time it takes to upgrade your software. This conversion rate is set to 10:1 at the moment. Run "convert" in the terminal for usage.

  • Reward- A new Donation Reward option has been created to allow you to Donate to the game in order to receive a courtesy Triple Capacity on Legendary C-Mods. You can find this new item from: Rewards -> Specials.



  • My Computer has been updated in the Process Stats section to reflect the numbers as "Rep" instead of "Seconds"
  • Under certain circumstances it was possible to complete an Antivirus scan faster than intended. This was fixed
  • Once the Tutorial is completed, it is now saved to the game regardless of device
  • Downgrading in the new forge is now free
  • Mining max benefit doubled to $400,000
  • Bank cracking process timer reduced in half
  • Software level limits temporarily lifted when forging only
  • Click and drag into chat no longer notifies users
  • [Legacy]: Resolved old bug that existed in old code that would not allow certain NPCs to be cracked, resulting in a "erroraa report this bug"
  • [Legacy]: Fixed old misspellings
  • Restyled the Blog to match the Forum style

That's it!

I certainly hope you like the new features so far and if you have any suggestions then feel free to leave it in the comment section below by clicking "Add Comment?".

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 MrBurnZZ Forever Ago

  Drazard Forever Ago
    Double slave income :D nice

  liquid23 Forever Ago
    Awesome new updates Mining max benefit doubled ! Love it.

  blackdawn Forever Ago
    mhmm Noice

  shelltp Forever Ago

  BornLiveDie Forever Ago
    i need some miners

  Goldframe83 Forever Ago
    This system rocks. It was tedious to level up software before.