A New Era Has Begun!

December 14th, 2019

2019 was a crazy year for SlaveHack. As we welcome in the 2020s, let’s look at some of the recent changes and improvements...


With the addition of clans in the past year we have added a fully functional bounty system. 

As of the time of this writing bounties work like this:

  • Each DDoS hit will increase your wanted level and the amount your bounty is worth depending on the strength of the hit. 
  • Currently there are 5 levels of bounties from “Seeking information” all the way up to “Most Wanted”
  • Currently the bounty board shows those with a wanted level of “person of Interest” or Higher but will not track the players IP until they are listed as a “Violent Criminal” or higher.

*To prevent stagnation on the bounty board and keep those DDoS fights happening, we have implemented a decay of 1 level per 24 hour period. We found that not having a way to clear your bounty without being hit made for a bad gameplay loop. 


The newest gameplay element we are proud to introduce is RCE; This provides another outlet to use your slaves in new and creative ways.

RCE Notes:

  • RCE can be found in the slaves window
  • There are 2 tabs, one that has all the tasks you are currently not doing, and one that shows all your active tasks
  • Features a new mechanic that allows players to send their NPC slaves on tasks to earn money and rep
  • Player can currently have a max of 3 active RCE tasks at a time
  • Time is displayed in Hours:Minutes (Example 02:00 = 2 hours)
  • RCE tasks countdown in real time
  • Interactions can be performed by right clicking task rows or long pressing on Mobile
  • Active tasks displays the minimum number of slaves you need in order to launch the RCE
  • You can assign more than the required amount of slaves to improve the time and success rate of the task
  • In doing so, it also increases the price of the RCE
  • Each task cost a certain number of RCE Tier Files
  • The number of files needed are dependent on the number of slaves you have assigned, and the type of tier file needed is dependent on the difficulty of the task
  • Chance depicts the success rate percentage of that task (Remember, RCE tasks are dangerous so it’s never a guaranteed 100%)

Slave List

Slaves have been taken for granted and they are starting to speak up. They want everyone to know that they’re not just some hit you install viruses on, but strong assets as well and their experience is valuable. Leveling up your own mini army has never felt so good!

  • Each successful RCE task earns xp
  • On each successful RCE mission, a random number of tier files are earned to keep your slaves out in the world

There are plenty of new things in the works for your hacking pleasure! This is the first of many blog posts so keep your eyes open for more! 

Happy Hacking! 

-The Slavehack Team 

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  cyber_striker Forever Ago
    "price of the RCE" isnt that more like a reward then a price?