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February 23rd, 2018

Certainly 2017-2018 has been a long and wild ride, let's take a look at some game statistics...

    When we first decided to release Slavehack 2 we really did not expect as much of a player base as we got. I have to say, that some of you should probably take breaks from time to time! Let's gander at some numbers we happened to gather from the games database and other various long boring log files we formatted to be less boring!

Some Player and Game stats

  1. Playtime: 177,949,325 seconds. For those of you without a calculator this means that players combined have played over 49,000 hours which is equivalent to 5.6 years of game time! Go outside and play some sports this weekend instead!
  2. Reputation: 373,851,470 reputation points. Our players are certainly not shy of getting out there and hacking some high value targets! This value is increasing constantly as well and we love to see that.
  3. Missions: 183,941 missions. Move over James Bond, I think you may have a little bit of competition now!
  4. Hard Drive Space: 992,042.05 gigabytes. That is equivalent to 992,042,050 megabytes of total Hard Drive space. Just short of a Petabyte by 0.01! I sure hope it's at least an SSD for speeds sake!
  5. Logins: 133,954. We certainly do not shy away from that sort of traffic. The more the merrier!
  6. Software: 472,329. There is definitely alot to grab when it comes to new Software. From upgrades, to memes, to classified files, to viruses we certainly are not lacking on any Software in the game.
  7. Queries: The game processes just around 1,200 database queries per second for our player base at any given time. This is equal to about 3,110,400,000 database queries a month. Last month database traffic consumed 1.1 TiB total bandwidth. This number certainly grows as we grow but it is definitely a good thing to see that players are enjoying the game so much.

It has certainly been a busy time over these last few months as you can see from the statistics above. We still have a long road to go in the development process and we certainly appreciate all of the players who take the time to play our game!

Was there a statistic not provided that you would like to see? Let me know in the comments below.

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  Drazard Forever Ago
    Nice. lets see if we can double this in the next 6 months :D

  Scorpsmc Forever Ago
    I'd love to see the total amount of money/c-mods spent on upgrades.